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Start of  the 5 K race
SUBMITTED by Mark De Cracker

You have probably heard that classic song by Sam Cooke called “It’s a Wonderful World.”
I don’t know much about history, I don’t know much about Biology, I don’t know much about the science book, or the French I took, but I know that I love you.
At Lyons Middle/Senior High School there is one subject they will remember for a lifetime the Leadership Class.

This class was started over ten years ago by Mr. Barr and now is run by Mr. Hartwell. The class is open to juniors and seniors.

These future leaders are given an opportunity to make a difference in their community, and a difference they have made.

Mr. Hartwell empowers the students give back to their community, he is there to guide them with their projects. I am so glad my daughter took this class, I have seen her mature right before my eyes.

Some of the projects the students have done are design a sign at the Trail of Hope for a Ribbon of Hope. The Ribbon of Hope are ribbons causes like breast cancer and domestic abuse.

Another group of students designed an app for a historic walking trail of Lyons. Not only are they helping others in the future, they were also learning local history as they did their research.

Yesterday on a cold, windy day they put on a 5k race. They designed the course, had t-shirts made, contacted local businesses, gave out prizes and got many families involved.

These are just a few of the many positives projects they have completed throughout the years.

These young adults who will soon graduate from school may not remember all the equations from Algebra, but they will remember how they made this world a better place.


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