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On The Erie Canal....
A lot of history passed through Newark on Wednesday when the Corning Glass Barge, accompanied by the Lois McClure, an historic sailing schooner. The schooner was powered by the tug C.L. Churchill and the glass barge was nudged along by the tug W.O. Decker.  
 Arts and the humanities came together in the 2018 Glass Barge Tour, as the canal schooner and glass barge celebrate the 150th anniversary of glassmaking in Corning, NY., and the centennial of the Barge Canal in New York State.

The schooner and barge visited several canal communities along the way with live glassblowing demonstrations on board the GlassBarge and self-guided dockside tours, above and below deck, on Lois McClure.

Newark, the only town in Wayne County and the area that owes it's entire existence to the canal will be observing the Barge Canal Centennial by eliminating an over 200 year old Erie Canal artifact and site on West Union Street. The outlet where Military Brook spills into the canal was originally where the brook went under the original Erie Canal. This site, in between First Choice Electric and Canal View Restaurant
                              This 1874 map shows Military Brook route under the Erie Canal heading north

will be tiled and filled in as part of the reconstruction of  the Rt. 31 culvert. The Canal Corporation has lent a deaf ear to those who would like to save the little area for the public to view, indicating that the area is it is in the hands of NYS-DOT due to the road construction.    

                         When is Newark going to have representation regarding the Erie Canal? 


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