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How many times have we looked into another person's eyes, and thought "My, they look familiar." How many times have you been "moved" to declare something openly, or determined to move ahead on a project that no one else seemed interested in?  Looking back at these very experiences, I can remember so many times that recently I have lost count of the joy - the moving ahead on an urge, a thought, or an angelic-given idea which has brought me into a brand new way of thinking.  Every time it has been a good experience, although there were times when I felt very much alone until I came to realize that we all have our Angels, and they certainly are a dependable source. But the proof is in the pudding" as the old saying goes - believe it or not! Smiling face with halo

I shall share one story of many with you today.  My husband Richard and I are members of three different historical societies around our home.  It is their combined energies which have brought us to new understandings about the local history as a whole.  A few weeks ago we attended The Macedon Historical Society over at the Museum on 31F.  As part of the meeting, a manila envelope was passed around filled with all kinds of goodies - receipts, bills, etc. from the Macedon area.  A gentleman from Maryland had gathered them together, and sent them to the Society.  What a lovely thing for him to do.  As the envelope was passed around the table to share, an Abstract of Title caught my eye.  I was surprised that no one else had considered that as important, but I took the time to read it through.  My first thought was "this looks familiar."  My second one was - to my husband - "It's our property."  He said, "No way" to me, but that did not seem to deter me as I kept on reading through the material in front of me.  To make a long story short - it is our property.  It is an Abstract of Title that goes way back to May 13, 1856 and half of the names on the Abstract are early Friends.  Quakers who were deeply involved in the Abolition Movement  such as The Hathaway family including Margaret, Lorenzo and Joseph, Rebecca & Stephen Thrasher, Pliney Sexton, Edward H. Nichols, and Charles Greene are represented there. There was a time when the DeMay family (Richard's grandparents) owned several hundred acres in and around where we live. The Abstract goes into full detail as to the measurements of all of these properties, but as I am not familiar with their way of measurement, it will take awhile to interpret exactly where the lands were.  I do know that several of the early names are on our Deed of Ownership for the property where we now live, and where our children and grandchild, David T., Laurel, and David A Popenhusen -Bruinix now live. An accidental discovery, or a quiet nudge from the angel who walks beside me.

There are many ways of defining angelic beings in our presence.  This morning while I was waiting for my husband to laminate a Tasha Tudor Story for our newly evolving Storybook Trail at the Lock #30 Butterfly Nature Trail, I sat down with a little girl named Maureen while she was coloring pictures at the library.  We had such a lovely conversation, and her radiant colors expanding all over her picture page told me that in her mind's eye that was a wonderful rainbow bird.  She brought beauty to my life - and one of the joys of sharing that beauty, is that sometimes - when all else fails - one can almost hear the whisper of angelic wings in ways beyond our every day senses - and when that happens, what a joy it is to be responsive to that Light!  Angels unaware? Oh, yes - and the belief in their reality brings to mind new and better ways to claim our own. Aware of their reality in my personal life, I have seen Angels and experienced the wonder of a world worth keeping.  In more ways than one I continue to attest to their existence, and the power and enlightened source they bring to our hearts and minds. As they continue to enclarify the Oneness of all Creation., I say "thank you" and am blessed accordingly.  May you be the same.

Carol Elaine Deys 
October 4th, 2018 


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1 Comment to "ANGELS UNAWARE"

  1. Kathy Lawton Purc Said,

    Angels abound if we open our minds and hearts. Thanks for this lovely piece, Carol.

    Posted on Thu Nov 01, 11:36:00 AM EDT


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