two thousand twenty
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Have you ever walked in the silence of the woods and truly paid attention?  What seems like a place where previously there existed no sound, suddenly this place comes alive with the intention of growth, the promise of a vested awareness bringing forth a fascinating garden of plenty.  Yes, we do have gardens where all who tend them are blessed by the recurrent sounds and sights of what they have tended and treasured.  But then there are those special communal places where the combination of many peoples directive energy comes together in a place of blessed peace.  THE BUTTERFLY NATURE TRAIL in Macedon Canal Park is one of those places.  Today my husband and I were enriched by the common ground fun of caring people linked together joyously, bringing forth a place just like that - the Butterfly Trail and also The Storybook Trail of our Macedon Public Library located in Macedon Canal Park, Lot #30.

People came from far and near to prepare for those days to come when the onset of Spring awakening opens the trails to those who have treasured these places for their own personal enjoyment.   Truly this is one of Macedon's hidden treasures.  The Lock #30 (formerly Macedon Village Pride) volunteers have worked diligently over the years to claim this place as a place of extensive joy.  Many from all over the world have come to explore the in depth experience of a walk in the park, and there are three notebooks at the Welcome Stand filled with the positive and increasingly aware comments.  Drawn here by those who have walked before them, they were privileged to open new doors of nature's awareness, and content to just observe, they recorded so many beautiful things.  Please feel free to experience this walk yourself, recording your thoughts and feelings re this lovely Trail.. 

Sometimes there is a place where beauty speaks.  In this world of chaos and unexpected negative events, we are blessed to have this lovely gathering place - a place which has consistently been here for centuries, and yet we have just rediscovered its original intent. A place for those who are in need of solace, for those who have  physical problems which would make it difficult for them to go elsewhere, and for children - children of all ages who have decided to remember the beauty of natural surroundings - and for those who have forgotten what it was to know childlike wonder in infinite form, where the sights and sounds of nature's echoing voice reverberate throughout the entire Trail.  This morning the birds were singing - such a joyful sound after a cold and snowy winter - especially a day when the weatherman had originally declared a very rainy and windy day.  It never came.  The sun is shining - and it is almost 60 degrees, and volunteers are coming in all over the place to gather as a community of hopeful intent.  The Lock 30 Volunteers, The Macedon Public Library's representatives and the burgeoning force field of those who are beginning to understand that this IS a lovely place to reflect, and despite any and all who would feel that they have no hope in their lives - just by coming to this place of ultimate miracles carved out by generations of peaceful people, that we are a community of hope....and isn't it an amazing and awesome journey to determine as such?

In June there will be a FAMILY FUN FESTIVAL in this Park, presented by the Town of Macedon.  July 27th there is going to be a wonderful heritage Event which will be sponsored by the Macedon Public Library.  Please watch the newspapers for notices re these events.  Mark your calendars!!  More to come!! The Macedon Canal Park is coming alive!!

Carol Elaine Deys


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