two thousand twenty
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Even cloudy skies could not deter the enthusiasm of happy adults and children as they expectantly walked down the MACEDON BUTTERFLY/NATURE TRAIL on the look-out for eggs - all colors of bright and shiny eggs, filled with little surprises.  Pink, yellow, blue, lavender, green and many other colored eggs were hidden among the trees and bushes, and squeals of delight matched their every find.  Discovery was the name of the game, and in a very short time - their baskets were filled to the brim with Spring goodies.

"Oh, what's next?"  Enthusiastic questions spilled out all over, and the little ones continued to discover the treasures all around them.  Smelling the essence of pine in the air, and crunching forward on last Fall's autumn leaves - they trudged - their little boots and shoes clomping all the way. What is nature, if not a reason for cheerfulness?  Fresh air, Spring breezes and the absolute potential of things to come.  At some level they knew, and their excitement was totally contagious.

"What's that up ahead?"  "Where are we going now?"  "Can I come, too?" from the smaller one who was trying to catch up.  They shared!  They continued to wind their way around the bend towards our MACEDON LIBRARY'S STORYBOOK TRAIL and waited with expectant wonder for what would be happening next. The Storybook Trail,  built last Fall by Roger Hotel and Richard Deys, Sr. with a little help from a grandson and his auger - it grew into a lovely place for books of prose, poems, and perhaps in the future artistic pictures from our local artists to be displayed. But today a very special book, Tasha Tudor's "1 IS ONE" was displayed because of its wonder and depictation of nature's promise.  The pages filled with little animals that children recognized and understood, the MPL Librarian, Stacey Wicksall, read to them as they quietly listened - counted along with her, and celebrated a morning of precious enjoyment with their friends.  In this world of negative news, how could anyone have missed the quality control of a walk worth taking.  We were blessed to be there.

Carol Elaine Deys
Macedon, New York 


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