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Wayne County Life is on Twitter, one of the most powerful Web 2.0 social media technologies existing today. Our Twitter feed contains a headline and link to each of our stories in a 140 character or less "tweet''--the name for a message sent using the Twitter communication platform--and is updated on an ongoing and as-needed basis.

In addition to links to our Wayne County Life stories, we also post additional messages that announce news-of-the-day type items, current weather conditions in Wayne County communities, or single photos or brief video clips form around our area. Quite often, these types of tweets seem to be the most compelling to our followers on Twitter and we'll then engage in further conversation with them directly through the Twitter platform.

Wayne County Life invites you all to "Follow Us on Twitter" and become part of the community spirit that we have found in many people's hearts through our interactions on Twitter.

Some interesting connections Wayne County Life has made on Twitter so far:
  • Family Genealogy Project 
    • We were introduced to a California resident who had recently made a trip to our area for genealogical research. The connection was made through common-interest Twitter message content. We found that she truly enjoyed her visit to Wayne County, and we left open communication to correspond with any future needs regarding items of genealogical or historical nature.

  • Erie Canal History Project
    • A mother in Georgia was helping her 4th-grade child to work on an Erie Canal research assignment (paper). She posted a tweet expressing her feelings on the difficulty of the assignment and Wayne County Life stepped in and assisted her in locating good Erie Canal resources--mostly photos--that would work well in a 4th-grade historical paper. This mother was very appreciative!

  • Follow-up with Area Travelers...
    • We have had countless interactions with folks who tweeted about their visit to Chimney Bluffs, or their bike ride, jog, dinner, or boat cruise on the Erie Canal, or their Lake Ontario fishing charter out of Sodus Bay. When folks experience life in Wayne County, they love to share that joy with others via online social media!

Follow Wayne County Life on Twitter: http://twitter.com/waynecountylife


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