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SUBMITTED by Jerry Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program Manager (24-Oct-2009)

I am so damned proud of what we were able to accomplish. A brand new festival completely untried and full of so many unknowns. Each one of you helped pull this together and it proves the power of "we". Together we made a new tradition that will take us forward into the years that lie ahead. Each year we will build on the successes (and there were many) to bring more focus not only on Lyons and its agricultural roots but the friendliness and hard work of the citizens of Lyons. You are what makes Lyons such a great place to call home--a renewed sense of pride is evident all around us.

Many thanks to the organizations and agencies that participated today. We would appreciate hearing feedback from you for new ideas or how we can better the festival for next year. Now that the Lyons Youth Ambassadors have held their first "Pumpkin Roll", I want to pass it off to them as their very own planned event for the Annual Harvest Festival. They will be able to use their skills to make it more successful year-to-year. A challenge for each new contingency of Ambassadors!

Photo by Mark De Cracker

My thanks to the local businesses and the high school for putting together some great fund-raisers. I am very proud of the Music Boosters and the Harvest Fest Express--the festival just wouldn't have been the same without you. The kids were having a blast!

Kudos to the Lyons Main Street Board of Directors as well as the Organization and Promotions Committees. Special thanks are due to Jack McCranels, Patty Alena, Harvest Festival Chairperson Linda Guest, Sharon and Bruce Lubitow, Bob Stopper, Ryan Robbins, Alicin Waldeck, Alicia Linzy, Mike Salerno and the Village DPW, Heather Costello, Dawn Boeheim, Larry Ann Evans, Anne Salerno, Stuart Smart, Stephanie Knarr, the band formerly known as the "House Rockers" and the teachers of the Lyons Elementary School for working with their classes to build out our fantastic Scarecrows.

It is impossible to name every person that assisted the Lyons Main Street Program with our 1st Fall Harvest Festival/Costume Parade and Street Dance, however that does not lessen those contributions. I know I am missing the fine work of others that my mind is not conjuring for me at this late hour - forgive me if I ask you to accept my thanks without specifying your name. Today would not have happened if the residents of our Town and Village had not come together in the name of community pride and the spirit of volunteerism. My gratitude to each and everyone of you!

In closing, please be thinking of a new name for our festival--we would love to find a clever catchy name that will immediately identify the festival with Lyons...put on your thinking caps! We're open to suggestions!


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