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CONTRIBUTED by Stephanie Knarr (24-Nov-2009)

Senator Charles Schumer arrived at the Wayne County Courthouse on Tuesday, where hopeful residents and local politicians awaited the news regarding the ever-long anticipation of an Amtrak station in Lyons. “Today, the County is ready to submit that study that addresses all of the concerns of CSX.”, says Schumer.

Lyons is not only the county seat, but also the midway point of the 85 mile span between Rochester and Syracuse, the two closest railway stations for passengers--and the longest stretch of railway between Buffalo and New York City without a stop.

Local politicians Brian Manktelow, Lyons Town Councilman, and Dick Colacino, Arcadia Town Supervisor, say that they completely support the train station in Lyons. However, Mr. Colacino also stated “I was disappointed that there wasn’t additional news to be heard today”.

Wayne County has been said to have negotiated with key players of CSX, a freight cars and trailer transporter and Amtrak, a passenger car rail system for almost 18 years. The time involved with local participants with the rail system entities have been a source of great excitement usually followed by deflation of spirit due to the concerns of CSX. Safety, they say, is their main issue. In support of Schumer’s message, Jim Hoffman, Chairman of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors stated that the only remaining issue of CSX was solely that “compatibility of freight service and passenger service is the primary concern.”

Jim Hoffman and Senator Charles Schumer

CSX is a freight operation that transports everything from agricultural products to automobiles and coal, while Amtrak is a passenger service. Senator Schumer cited that “Amtrak is the direct beneficiary and CSX is secondary. “ However, under the study to be submitted to CSX regarding statistical data of increased ridership and then increased freight volume, the Senator felt positive that “with the plans submitted, we are that much closer to making the station a reality.”

If the plans are accepted by CSX, then Lyons would then also be eligible for transportation grants offered by New York State; thereby supporting the rail system financially along with Amtrak’s aid.

“An Amtrak stop at Lyons would be a catalyst for driving local tourism and offer residents a terrific option for traveling to all corners of the Empire State.”, said Schumer.


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6 Comments to "Senator Schumer Talks Amtrak in Lyons"

  1. Bradford Shimp Said,

    A train stop in Lyons would be great, esp. if we end up with a high speed rail. I could see taking the train to meetings and just for fun all throughout the state. The only thing better than a stop in Lyons would be a stop in Clyde!

    Posted on Wed Nov 25, 07:52:00 AM EST

  2. Jerry Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program Manager Said,

    The train station in Lyons would be a major boost to our local economy. Ancillary businesses are sure to spring from it. Seems to me that all of the stars are aligning for Lyons. Civic pride is all around us. We are destined for great things!

    Posted on Wed Nov 25, 09:51:00 AM EST

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Lyons is a depressed area, how many will use this service. NY is scrabbling to cut vital things like healthcare and education, is a government grant needed for a train station a good idea at this time? I would like to see a study on the amount of peole that want to use the train regularly. I believe if built that it would close again within a decade.

    Posted on Wed Nov 25, 01:18:00 PM EST

  4. Gil Burgess Said,

    Keep in mind that a station in Lyons would really be a regional station serving a wide area east, west, north and south of mid-Wayne County. Studies have been done and a lot of interest does exist---and as Jerry Ashley has pointed out, the benefits will follow. It's absolutely essential that we be optimistic about such plans and, yes, to some extent, dreamers!

    Posted on Wed Nov 25, 05:43:00 PM EST

  5. maxwellcreekinn-bnb Said,

    I think that a train station in Lyons would be fantastic. Tourism IS the second largest industry in the world. Being in the hospitality business myself I have had numerous calls from potential visitors from New York City who were interested in visiting our area. However, because a train stop was NOT closer than Rochester or Syracuse and no taxi to bring them from Rochester or Syracuse they chose to go to the Hudson Valley. Lyons is central to Lake Ontario and the Finger Lakes. We want visitors to come here instead of NYC or the Hudson Valley all of the time. They come to see the farms, the wide open space, our Great Lake that looks like an ocean, experience the Erie Canal, wine country and more. A train stop in Lyons would be a good thing. I wouldn't have to drive to Rochester or Syracuse to take the train to NYC.

    Posted on Thu Nov 26, 07:29:00 AM EST

  6. Anonymous Said,

    same thoughts about the fast ferry in rochester!build it and they will come? or we will go. the truth is people do not have the money to go to NY at this time and people in NY are not coming to wayne county in numbers needed.

    Posted on Tue Dec 01, 07:44:00 PM EST


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