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SUBMITTED by Mark De Cracker, Lyons Chamber of Commerce (17-Nov-2009)

Yesterday, Jim Hughes from Life in the Finger Lakes spent the entire day with us. A couple of weeks ago Jim and his wife were driving through Lyons and he was so impressed with our village that he called his editor to see if he could do a feature on Lyons. He was impressed with the courthouse, the architecture, the murals, and our Erie Canal history. I got a call from Jim on Thursday and yesterday Jim got a chance to see everything.

First Jim and I visited the the Erie Canal sites in Lyons from Lock 56 to Clinton's Ditch. We then went down to G. Winston Dobbins Park. After reading the plaque at G. Winston Dobbins Park Jim turned to me and said, "that is exactly what I was looking for, a community that takes pride in itself and makes a difference." Jim then took a tour of the H.G. Hotchkiss building with Peppermint Patty and Dick Kelleye. From there Jerry Ashley took Jim through the Ohmann Theater and explained our "Main Street Program." Later that night Jim joined us for a "Painting and Pot Luck Dinner" at the Grange. Jim was very impressed with everything about Lyons. He told the Lyons Heritage Society, how can I possibly put all this great information into 700 words. Jim and his wife are planning on coming to the Ohmann Theater Thursday night for the movie. So if you happen to see Jim give him a big "Welcome to Lyons."

Lyons will be the first in many features about small town in the Finger Lakes. I will keep you posted when the magazine will be coming out. It will probably be in the Spring issue.

I would like to personal thank, Patty Alena, Dave Alena, Dick Kelleye, Bob Ohmann, Jerry Ashley, and the Lyons Heritage Society for helping pull this together in such short notice.


Making a rubbing on the Lock E-56 trail of the Wayne County Passport trails system

Marker rubbing completed at Enlarged Erie Canal Lock 56

Visiting the original Erie Canal aka "Clinton's Ditch"

G. Winston Dobbins Park in Lyons, New York

Plaque next to the "Winston's Dream" mural on an old trolley abutment

Jim Hughes of Life in the Finger Lakes meets Peppermint Patty

Dick Kelleye's bottle collection at the historic Hotchkiss Peppermint Oil Building

The pristine Ohmann Theatre in Lyons, a historic American stage theatre


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3 Comments to "Yes We Have Pride"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Great Job covering Lyons and Wayne Co. Wayne County Life is a great way for those who want to see what our communities have to offer and truly what a special area this is. We have a rich history and was the route to the west via the Erie Canal as well as overland. Thank you Seth and Mark and those who contribute.
    Sharon Rice

    Posted on Wed Nov 18, 08:22:00 AM EST

  2. nhance@artisansloft.net Said,

    Great job Mark! Wayne County, and all of its hamlets and villages, are "best kept" upstate NYS secrets even though many [including Wayne County Office of Tourism] work diligently to promote them. It's great to know that readers will have an opportunity to discover Lyons and hopefully, other areas throughout the county, in Life in the Finger Lakes magazine.

    Posted on Wed Nov 18, 10:30:00 AM EST

  3. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Wayne County is truly the "crown" of our Finger Lakes Region.

    Working together, we can nurture that image in a way that speaks for itself. Highlighting Wayne County is as easy as celebrating all the great history, nature, and people that we already have.

    Posted on Mon Nov 23, 01:44:00 PM EST


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