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SUBMITTED by Mark De Cracker, First Presbyterian Church of Lyons (26-Nov-2009)

'Tis the season to be thankful for those in Lyons, NY. The Inter Church Council on Tuesday, 24 November 2009 prepared a Thanksgiving dinner in the Parish Hall for everyone in the community--young and old, rich and poor. Volunteers from all the churches in Lyons worked together all day long to prepare this wonderful turkey dinner. The cost was free! I would like to thank everyone who volunteered a day in their life to make it a better day for others.


 Ariel Manoney, Pat Gorthy, Mary Brown, Nancy Basche - Servers

Phil Paliotti - Cook


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1 Comment to "Thanksgiving Dinner at the Parish Hall"

  1. Jerry M. Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program Manager Said,

    It is folks like these that make Lyons such a wonderful place to call home. I love seeing folks that I know doing wonderful things for others. Good job and many thanks for what you do!

    Posted on Thu Dec 03, 10:29:00 AM EST


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