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SUBMITTED by Jerry M. Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program (17-Mar-2010)

The Lyons Peppermint Days Committee has embarked upon a really fun and silly fund raiser called "Get Flocked!" The idea is simple...pick a friend and "flock" 'em! Under the cover of darkness, the Peppermint Days Committee will amass a flock of those tacky, iconic, plastic pink flamingos on your unsuspecting friends front yard! You can "flock" a friend with 12 birds for $15.00, 24 birds for $20.00 or you can utilize the whole damn flock of 36 for $25.00!! Along with our pink friends, a GIANT pair of underwear will be posted to announce to all that your friend has been "flocked" by the Peppermint Days Committee--the birds will hang out on your friends' lawn for 24 hours before moving on to another unsuspecting homeowner.

"You've been flocked" sign and signature giant underwear of the Get Flocked! promotion

For those that really don't want to wake-up to find these plastic beauties relaxing in their front yard, "Flocking Insurance" is available to protect your abode for one full month for the small rate of $20.00, though why would anyone want to miss out on all of the fun!? To "Flock" someone in the Lyons area, or to purchase "anti-flocking" insurance, please contact Dorothy Barnes at (315) 946-6645.

Your front yard could look like this if you "get flocked" by the Lyons Peppermint Days Committee


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1 Comment to "Get Flocked!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Jerry - I'd like some Peppermint Days info!

    Christopher Baker (Got2Fly@Gmail.com)

    Posted on Thu Mar 25, 01:01:00 PM EDT


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