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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (16-Mar-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor
Vicky Daly
15 March 2010

The Palmyra Village budget was approved at the March 15th village board meeting. The budget prep process is over for another year, but the attention to fiscal detail which it necessitates is not. Every initiative, every unplanned purchase will continue to be scrutinized for need. Alternative options and cooperative arrangements will be researched. In short, we will operate, as we have been, by the old maxim, Use it up; Wear it out; Make it do; Do without. Side note: Over the three months of preparation for the 2010-2011 village budget, there has been no public input on the matter despite the posting of the series of public meetings. We really would like you to be a part of the discussion as we move forward.

On the much brighter side, a number of really great, FREE to the community events are upcoming. You may remember that each and every happening is planned with a two-fold goal: enhancing life in the Village of Palmyra and, when possible, bringing visitors into the community to support our local shops, museums and restaurants. There is no doubt in my mind that the Spring 2010 calendar of events will do just that. Come join us on Saturday, April 3rd at the fairgrounds for Palmyra’s First Annual Hot Air Balloon and Kiting Festival, ‘Taking Flight Over Palmyra’. It runs from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Admission is FREE. Bring your own kite or make one there. Watch the kite and RC (Remote Controlled) airplane demonstrations, thanks to the Sky Rovers Club. Go up in a tethered hot air balloon - $10 for adults; $5 for kids – or just watch the beautiful balloons. It will be a great day for picture taking. If weather permits, balloon rides will be available at dusk. It should be a delightful day.

On Saturday, May 8th, plan to be in the Village Park for our Second Annual Palmyra Bird Fest. Last year was such a success, that we just had to do it again. In addition to the guided bird walks, there will be exhibits of a variety of different species, and knowledgeable people to talk to about them. Two of the larger birds expected are Booker T. OWWL, mascot of the Pioneer Library Association and Spike, mascot of the Rochester Red Wings. And the event is FREE unless you choose to purchase something.

After you make note of both of these happenings, get out your camera so you can be part of the Bird Fest Photo Contest. Entries, no more than two per person, can be mailed or emailed. The deadline is April 15th. Call the Village Hall, 597-4849 for the details. Entering the contest is FREE.

Not free, but definitely noteworthy is another really major event that will happen in Palmyra on Saturday, April 24th. The Landmark Society of Western New York, LSWNY, has scheduled its annual conference at the Palmyra-Macedon High School for that date. Several of the afternoon sessions will be held at Main Street sites with the intent of getting our 200+ visitors to our shops and museums. The event was scheduled in the village because of our unbelievable architecture and we want to be sure that our company has an opportunity to see it, to patronize the shops, and to tour the museums housed in that architecture, not just on April 24th, but in the future as well. That’s our goal. It’s a win-win-win for our residents, our merchants, and the visitors.


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