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By: Stephanie L. Knarr

The historic Erie Mansion is a top ten must see in Wayne County.

This 1858 mansion holds rich history, dark family secrets and possesses some of the period's finest architecture and decor.

The revival structure, was the homestead of Dr. Smith and his family, and then became the stately home to wealthy glass maker, Charles Ely and his wife. To many, it is known as the Smith Ely Mansion.

When Mark Wright, real estate speculator, found this diamond in the rough, it was condemned by the Village due to lack of water and electricity for the tenants who resided there. After watching the building for several months, it finally went up for sale, but not until the current owner, C.A.S.H. spent a whopping $750,000 to bring it up to a saleable state.

The 12,000 foot floor plan encompasses three stories consisting of 40 rooms, several fireplaces and chandeliers and four exquisite suites decorated in various themes available for lodging.

Mr. Wright ornately designed the suites with a macho sentiment that would make any man feel like a king. The deep mahogany beds, snakeskin wallpaper, and a billiards room decorated with muskets and swords are sure to lure.

However, Wright, didn't forget the roots of this remarkable house. Homage is paid to the Smith-Ely families by the pictures of them hanging in the main entrance way. The walls and ceilings still maintain whatever original lustre remained from their presence. And though the family is only a memory... that isn't all the family left behind.

Reportedly, unsettled spirits still wander the hallway, grand staircase and kitchen. These apparitions have been sighted by past tenants of the building and paranormal activity has been noted by Scientific Paranormal, a paranormal investigation group out of Syracuse.

The mansion is well known for the deaths of Dr. Smith and his wife, as well as Mr. & Mrs. Ely. However, one tale tells of a murder of one of the kitchen help, who became headless with his body never to be found. With certain criteria, though, Wright was able to establish the mansion as a historically haunted location and its designation stands majestically in the front yard.

Whether these tales are true, this bed and breakfast is one of a kind. The Erie Mansion was appropriately re-named, not for the Eerie suite that it encompasses, but for its grandeur of when the Erie Canalway was at the top of transportation and economic high tide.

Tours are given for a $10 fee and reservations can be made by visiting their website at http://www.eriemansion.com/.


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3 Comments to "Clyde's Erie Mansion Is A Must See!"

  1. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    From the photos on the Erie Mansion website, this place looks pretty incredible inside.

    Posted on Sun Apr 25, 08:19:00 PM EDT

  2. Unknown Said,

    Im staying in the eerie sweet right now. It pretty cool. No ghosts yet.

    Posted on Fri Sep 27, 11:41:00 PM EDT

  3. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    Rebecca, what's behind the bookcase?

    Eerie Suite photos

    Posted on Wed Oct 23, 11:42:00 AM EDT


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