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By: Stephanie L. Knarr

Volunteers gathered last night at the Lyons Grange to continue working on the newest mural to be hung in Savannah. The mural displays a wildlife menagerie in their au naturel form. The vibrant colors meticulously set out Savannah's marsh and mucklands during it's winter, summer and spring seasons as it rolls through centuries from early times to the present.

The first panel shows a flamboyant scene of visitors discovering the marshes where the natives have established their community. The longhouse in the background was popular for this area as they were stable, long term shelter that would house an entire clan of Indians. In the foreground you can see where the natives discovered one of the areas migratory birds. When the gourds were hung in the air, the Purple Martins found them as a safe harbour of their own and began nesting in them.

The second portion of the mural are the mucklands themselves. This location is along route 31 in Savannah. Savannah is well known for its mucklands which made farming a viable source of food and economic contribution. The mucklands grow various vegetables, like potatoes and is even the growing area of peppermint that was harvested for the Hotchkiss Oil Company in Lyons. In the background you can see the freight train running, which at the time was the fastest mode of transporting goods from one area to another.

The last panel of the mural is the aquarium view of Savannah's wet areas. Several fish, beavers and turtles can be seen in their natural habitat as they all peacefully co-exist in their surroundings.

Upon completion, the mural will be put in place on the wall of the Savannah Bank and dedicated in June 5th as part of the National Trails Day celebration. This mural addition will be a contributing point of interest as part of the 70 miles on the Erie Canal. The dedication will begin at 10:00 a.m.

For more mural pictures and information, please visit http://www.muralmania.org/.


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