two thousand twenty
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There are places in Wayne County so full of stunning Nature that they are best described in words as "God's country"--and Trillium Heaven is surely one of those places. Local author Kate Chamberlin has written an incredible book in this setting, called Green Trillium.

Trillium Heaven in Spring is full of an amazing index of wildflowers, including White Trillium, Green & White Trillium, Trout Lily, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Red Trillium, Cut-leaf Toothwort, Dutchman's Breeches, Mayapple, "Extraordinary" Trillium, Christmas Fern, and Yellow Trillium. See Nature's Secret Garden for yourself in a video recorded 18 April 2010 by Trail Works Director Mark DeCracker.

Enjoy the Trillium Heaven YouTube video and as you do, dream of experiencing such a place in person.

To join others who go out to see Wayne's Wildflowers and all the other natural beauty in Wayne County's towns, become a member of Trail Works, Inc., or attend the many great events Trail Works organizes.


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1 Comment to "Trillium Heaven"

  1. Susie Egan Said,

    This truly was trillium heaven! This is what I dream that Cottage Lake Gardens will look like some day. The double trillium in the middle was a real treat. Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    Susie Egan
    Cottage Lake Gardens, Woodinville, Washington USA

    Posted on Thu Jul 21, 06:44:00 AM EDT


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