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SUBMITTED by Wayne County Business Council (8-Apr-2010)

It is the time of the year that the Wayne County Business Council goes through the process of seating a new Board of Directors. The board is made up of a dedicated group of volunteers working largely behind the scene. Together they provide the support for all of the programs and initiatives of the council.

There is not much incentive to board membership other than the personal satisfaction and developing friendships. Serving is mostly about a dedication to the community and a belief in the importance of local commerce for securing a prosperous economic future

Participation on our board can often be what you make it. We are always eager to investigate ideas that touch on the Council’s broad community mission. In 2009, as a new board member, RJ Muto got it in his head to establish a more formal and regular networking group. Through the strength of his vision the WCEE was developed as a new program and membership benefit.. Getting behind good ideas like this is what the board wants to do. Engagement with the board can be a way to get energy behind your next great idea

We have had the privilege this year of receiving strong interest in board participation. A number of fine people have come forward. This has left us with more interest than open board positions. We are enormously appreciative of all those folks who indicated their willingness to serve. It is certainly not our intention to discourage anyone.

The reality is that there is always a need and an opportunity for members to participate in the guidance and development of council activity. Board meetings are always open and there remains a backlog of work awaiting committee chairs and committee members. Committee participation could be a good way to gain a handle on board activity and board member responsibilities.

I encourage all members with an interest in increasing their participation in the Wayne County Business Council to make contact with the current board.

Warren Halladay, President
Wayne County Business Council
April/May Newsletter "President's Letter"


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