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SUBMITTED by Marya Vande-Doyle, Community Resource Guide (10-May-2010)

Wonderful program for the elderly! 

The Wayne County Rural Health Network (WCRHN) is offering a new federally and privately funded 3 year pilot service to the elderly in the North Eastern quadrant of Wayne County branching in to Western Cayuga County. The program in brief may be described as:

Geriatric Assessment Program

Through collaboration with the Rochester General Hospital - Geriatric Consultative Services (GCS),  WCRHN is reaching out to the elderly in Wayne County. This comprehensive medical and functional Geriatric Assessment service is available to persons 65 years of age and older. The Geriatric Assessment program assists seniors and their care givers with support to treat patients experiencing unmanageable symptoms impacting quality of life such as: instability and falling, chronic pain, urinary incontinence, delirium and dementia.

Working with a patent's primary care physician the Geriatric Assessment Program brings elders access to geriatric specialists through direct clinical service in person or via a new telemedicine site in a local Wayne County Primary Care office. In addition to the direct medical services provided, this program strives to elevate the skill set of those health professionals and care-givers who work with the elderly.

Contact 315.398.8575 to refer a patient or inquire on this service.


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1 Comment to "Geriatric Service for Northeastern Wayne County"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I sure hope that transportation is a part of this new initiative! That is a big issue for the elderly!

    Posted on Sat Jun 12, 07:30:00 AM EDT


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