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SHARED by Ruth Rosenberg Naparsteck via ClydeFire.org (28-Jun-2010)

It is with very deep sorrow that at 00:21 on Monday morning, 21 June 2010 we have sounded a "last alarm" for our brother FF Brandon M. Schemptompf. Brandon was diagnosed 3 yrs ago with a brain tumor and since then he had received 3 surgeries to remove the tumors. He was informed that a 4th tumor had appeared and surgery wasn’t an option. Brandon was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital on 26 May 2010 and remained there until the time of his death. He fought long and hard during his time there.

Brandon served the community as a active FF from Nov 2005 – June 2010. He was credited with one CPR save during his career, he was a member of the Water / Ice rescue Team, RIT Team, Duty Staff and also was a member of the Galen Town Ambulance. Brandon was always noted for his humor in times of frustration, and his loyalty to the Clyde Fire Department will be greatly missed. Our hearts go out to his family and friends and his presence and personality will truly be missed. Whenever we leave headquarters on a "run" from here on out, there will always be an extra FF riding with us in our hearts. Each and everytime the "bell" rings we will leave in honor of Brandon, and everything we do for our community will be done in honor of Brandons service to our department. Brandon was 24 Years old, and will be greatly missed by all.


Brandon M. Schemtompf carried from Baris Funeral Home, Clyde, NY

Brandon Schemtompf dismounting his last ride

Clyde Fire chief and hat, flag for Brandon Schemtompf

Clyde firemen carry Brandon Schemtompf for last ride

Last ride on Clyde Engine 49 for Brandon M. Schemtompf


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