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STORY BY: Stephanie Knarr

Now open seven days a week, the Ohmann Theatre, owned by community member, Bob Ohmann, is progressively marking modern trends that offers more than the average experience to movie patrons of all ages.

Upon entering the restored 1914 structure, the late movie greats, like Audrey Hepburn, invite you down the red carpet corridor to the ticket box where you eagerly purchase your movie ticket. All awhile, the fresh popcorn that is tickling your nose stands only a few short feet past and it’s no surprise when you ask for “extra butter, please”.

While reveling in the concessions, the opened glass doors welcome you into a floor plan that seemed to magically quadruple in size. From the outside, this quaint little theater looks to only hold 50-60 people, but this venue surprisingly holds 400 seats, which largely supersede the average modern day cineplexes.

And just when you think that there could be no more surprises, you settle in your chair and you inhale the ambience. Everything from the wood stage, the large screen framed by red velvet curtains, and elegantly painted ceiling has all been restored and renovated to push a movie patron’s delight over the edge. The Ohmann’s combination of historically past and ever present are symbiotically designed to create a mood that “just feels good”. And you haven’t even seen the movie yet…

Of course, everyone’s favorites are the previews. They are the common predictor that the show is beginning soon. That subtle reminder that you have one last chance to run to the concession stand for another batch of super buttery popcorn and oh yes, don’t forget to turn your cell phone off. All of these are the preliminary procedures that are standard at every theater. But when those previews begin playing and you find that you haven’t left your seat yet, you will know that it’s the new digital audio system that is luring you to stay.

The Ohmann Theatre is now designed with QSC amplifier audio products that surround and capture the room with its concise digital sound, making every ear turn. Every possible sound, from music and dialogue to intense sound effects can be heard clearly by design but distinctly with purpose. Digital products allow the listener to experience a revelation of moods and effects and leave the show flooded with unanticipated emotions.

With digital sound and larger than life screen, movie patrons can view everything from modern 3D to old style short films with the highest quality components that are both visible and audible to everyone.

This home town theatre has made great strides through the decades. With its new inception of advanced engineering, the Ohmann Theatre is sure to stay on top with an edge over its competitors. For more information on upcoming films, show times or history of the Ohmann Theatre, please visit their website at www.ohmanntheatre.com.


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4 Comments to "Ohmann Theatre Has Competitive Edge"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    And it's so CLEAN! Ticket prices are a deal too for family-friendly entertainment. Thanks to all responsible for bringing back old time movie fun.

    Posted on Thu Jul 01, 11:10:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Been there and it is beautiful inside. Went there as a kid and it has been completely restored. You must go there to see how theatres should be.

    Posted on Thu Jul 01, 11:17:00 PM EDT

  3. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    It's true, the Ohmann has it all. Beautiful inside, excellent price, high quality movie & stage presentation.

    Posted on Thu Jul 01, 11:24:00 PM EDT

  4. Tony and Kevin Collins Said,

    My son and I visit Ohmann Theatre often and it truly makes you feel good just to be there! They had a live event there some years back called ,I think, "Ohmann Idol" ...that was a talent contest just like "American Idol" ...it was a fantastic show that was expertly done! We hope they will do it again soon! I tell as many people as I can about Ohmann Theatre in hopes that they too will visit and fall in love with it as my son and I have! The ONLY ...and I mean only thing that could be improved upon is the width of the seats themselves. They are on the narrow side for comfort.

    Posted on Sat Jan 14, 04:26:00 PM EST


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