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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (21-Jul-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor

You have been asking questions. That’s good. Questions should be asked – and answered. Sometimes it is fast and easy . Sometimes research is required to get to the answer. Occasionally, we cannot find an answer or, if it has to do with New York State law, we can give you the answer, but may not be able to explain why it is as it is. Sometimes the answer isn’t the one being sought, but whenever there is a question your mayor, the Village Board, our staff and crew will work hard to get you the answer. Do things sometimes fall through the cracks? Unfortunately, yes. We, too, are human, but just ask again.

Many of the questions that come in have to do with what you see happening, or not happening.

  • Question: Why isn’t finishing Hyde Parkway on the list of street work this year? Answer: The reconstruction of Canandaigua Street required the determination of a detour route through the village. The NYS Department of Transportation makes that decision and they chose Hyde Parkway. Construction work could not be done under those circumstances.
  • Question: Why isn’t my street being worked on this year? Answer: Some time ago, a sequential work plan for maintenance and repair of village streets was created by then Highway Superintendent Nelson Cook, I believe. Current Superintendent Boewsel has followed and expanded that list to include parking lots and we are pretty much on schedule. There are times, as we all well know, that schedules have to be abandonned. The delay in the arrival of state money (CHIPs) has slowed or eliminated road projects all over the state. Weather also plays a part. A practice which will serve the village residents well is the protocol of investigating water and sewer infrastructure when a street is worked on. No one wants to dig up an newly resurfaced street.
  • Question: Why is the project at the marina taking so long? Answer: Because we are doing it as we can afford it and are using our own crews. These are the same highway and buildings & grounds men that work on streets and roads, mow parks and cemeteries, do maintenance on village buildings, and work with the water department when needed. I am exceedingly proud of them and their devotion to Palmyra.
  • Question: What are they doing on the poles at the marina? Answer: We are upgrading our surveillance system and extending it because of the new pavillion. Unlike some canal villages, our marina is not in the center of the community, but one block north. The enhanced system is being paid for with a pot of money intended for projects of general benefit. It does not come from local tax dollars.

So, these are the current questions. Keep them coming. The retired librarian thinks everybody should know everything.

A final thought: Thank you for your patience as we go through this very busy construction season. There is no question that there is inconvenience at times, but the end product, the improved streets, sidewalks, and water and sewer infrastructure will be worth it and those areas, under construction or maintenance activities today, won’t be impacted again for some time.


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