two thousand twenty
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by Marie Cramer

As stated in article 17-A, when voting for a Village or dissolution, no one can make any promises.
Fact: If the Village dissolves, the Town of Macedon is under no obligation to follow through with the ordinances, laws and codes that are now in existence. The Town has the right to repeal and change them at anytime.

Fact: We, the village residents, can never be a “One Macedon.” We will always be considered a special tax district if the village is dissolved.

Fact: Any vote that would affect you as a special tax district, the town residents can now be part of your vote. Your voting ratio will be severely diminished.

Fact: Being a special tax district, the town will not absorb the special tax district expenses. The village property owners will be taxed differently than the town property owners. The residents will still be paying for continued services.

Fact: The Village of Macedon has listened to its residents. Downtown is being revitalized.
Do not confuse consolidation with dissolution! Remember: there is no plan for dissolving, but there is a plan for revitalization.


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3 Comments to "Is Dissolving the Village of Macedon the Right Thing to Do?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    interesting! I think a lot of this stuff is a anti gov. feeling tricling down from national politics to take advatage of a bad economic time started by the decade of Bush. Our present gov. stuck with two bad wars and reccesion. To bad they could not be fixed over night. Consevative republicans want to have the keys again to our gov. with no solutions. They are best at spin death panels, obama is a socialist muslim, ect. republicans we need real ideas not prayer

    Posted on Wed Sep 01, 01:34:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Comment to Anonymous- Bad grammar, and if you can't spell use spell check, don't use abbreviations like gov.
    Republican should be capitalized.

    Posted on Wed Sep 01, 04:39:00 PM EDT

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Would you please enlighten us on the law and codes that would so radically change? Your undertone presents this "fact" as though the village will be thrown into anarchy and lawlessness. Have you ever considered that perhaps there are some codes and rules that need to be tossed? I don't know of any, but my point is that I don't buy into that the whole village will collapse by dissolving.

    The fact about the special tax district is correct. Many other "village areas" within towns are zoned as special tax districts. But the "independent dissolution report" that was done in 2001 stated that even with the tax districts in place, they would be less than the annual current village taxes. That doesn't scare me, in fact, if there was a tax district, like many of the other surrounding towns, maybe we could get tax district for the street lights, so my street light could finally be fixed. How about a sidewalk district, so maybe the beat up sidewalks of the village could be addressed? Tax districts sound good to me!
    Yes we would part of the town, and subject to the town voters, but realistically, only a small percentage of eligible people vote in local matters. If all of the village residents turned out on an important vote, we may be able to persuade it, or if nothing else produce enough of a ruckus to show the town we disapprove.

    Taxed for continued services and taxed different then the town residents. See my argument about the tax districts, how common they are, and how maybe something will get done without a not for profit committee spearheading change that this "Village" government has avoided the past 20 years.

    Yes the downtown area is improving, and I live here on Main St. Thank you to the Macedon Partners Association for your dedication and work. As opposed to Mayor Hoteling and your "village government", shame on you for your failure to better this village and let it disintegrate over the last 20 years.

    Finally, I agree with the author of this article, no one can promise anything with dissolution. However, look at how thing have been done around this village for the last few decades and where it has taken us. Mr. Albert Einstein stated it best, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Vote to dissolve the Village of Macedon.

    Posted on Wed Sep 01, 11:11:00 PM EDT


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