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SUBMITTED by Bruce Farrington, Neighborhood Association Trustee (27 August 2010)

The first Sodus Point outside historic mural will be dedicated on Saturday, September 18th at 1 PM at the Sodus Point Fire Hall with a reception inside the fire hall to follow. The public is cordially invited to attend.

Native Americans spear fishing in Lake Ontario
The mural depicts Native Americans in the 1450s spear fishing near Chimney Bluffs. The word "Sodus" is said by most to be derived from the Indian word "Assodorus," meaning "silvery water." Two Iroquois Nation tribes (Cayuga and Seneca) used the Sodus Bay area for their summer home due to the abundance of fish and wild game. The Native Americans mostly used Elm bark canoes (depicted in the background of the mural) which were locally made, very large, somewhat crude and disposable. They also traded with more northern tribes for the light weight, smaller and beautifully decorated Birch bark canoes depicted in the foreground.

The bald eagle, (and their feathers) that is pictured in the mural, are highly revered and considered sacred within American Indian traditions, culture and religion. The bald eagle lives in the Sodus Bay area. The Native Americans vacated the Sodus Point area prior to it being settled by early American settlers in 1794.

Bald Eagle soaring along the shore line

The keynote speaker for the dedication will be Al Parker who is a historian for the Seneca Nation and who will attend dressed in Seneca Native American garb and give a talk about the Senecas in our area, the significance of the Bald Eagle in their culture and do a Native American blessing ceremony for the mural. Al Parker recently attended the mural dedication in Macedon and wowed the crowd with his interesting Native American presentation. Joining Al will be Mark DeCracker of Lyons who will give a talk about Mural Mania and its impact on our area.

James Zeger of Sodus was the artist for this mural and is beginning work on a second outside mural which will depict the Battle of Sodus Point that took place on June 19th, 1813 during the War of 1812. This mural will not be done for a few months so its dedication will be held sometime in the spring. These murals join four other historic murals inside Captain Jack's restaurant in Sodus Point that were also done by James. This is the first outdoor mural on the Seaway Mural Trail and the third mural in Wayne County on the Native American Mural Trail.

These murals are being made possible by numerous local contributors and was spearheaded by the Sodus Point Neighborhood Association which provided the initial seed money. Those individuals or businesses contributing $100 or more will have their names on a plaque mounted with the murals.

Anyone interested in making donations for the murals can send checks payable to:

Neighborhood Association of Sodus Point c/o “Historical Mural
P.O. Box 314, Sodus Point, NY 14555


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