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SUBMITTED by Bruce Farrington, Neighborhood Association Trustee (7-Jul-2010)

Murals Commemorating The Battle of Sodus Point (War of 1812) and the Native Americans in Sodus Point

What: We are pursuing the creation of a series of murals that will commemorate (and depict) the Battle of Sodus Point that occurred here on June 19, 1813 and a scene of native Americans that existed on the bay before the coming of Europeans (approx. 1450s).

Black & White sketch depicting the Battle of Sodus Point

Why: I believe it was Sodus Point’s finest hour. Approximately 50 men (a combination of farmers who grabbed their muskets and poorly trained militia) had the courage of their convictions to go up against 200 British regulars (who were at that time the world’s best infantry).

Sketch of Native Americans fishing on Lake Ontario

The native American scene will begin what (we hope) will be a progression of scenes that will be continued in another mural depicting two more historic scenes tentatively planned to begin in 2011. Our primary goal for the mural project is to teach our local history through art and having plaques explaining each scene.

Who: James Zeger has been commissioned to do the mural. James is a local artist from Sodus. He has done 4 murals at Captain Jack’s in Sodus Point and several murals in Lyons.

Artist James Zeger beginning to paint the Native American scene

Size: The combined, full mural would be approximately 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall consisting of the two scenes; each 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

Where: The west side of the Fire House underneath the “Welcome to Sodus Point” sign. The method is to have the mural painted on wood which could be removed.

When: The research and initial sketches were finished June, 2010. The mural is planned for completion sometime in September, 2010.

How much / Funding: Total cost will be approximately $4800. This is based on discussion with James Zeger (of Sodus) who has done a similar mural in the Village of Lyons. The Sodus Point Neighborhood Association has provided initial funding. We will be asking the Village and Fire Department for funds as well. The rest will be solicited from local businesses and an ad in the Sodus paper once the initial sketch is completed.

How long will it last: With the proposed preservative, it is estimated it will last at least 30 years

Other Info: Mark DeCracker who has coordinated the many murals in Lyons is anxious for us to become part of the “Mural Mania” that now stretches from Buffalo to Syracuse. It is now the longest Mural trail in the world and is attracting tourists wherever the murals are located. This project has the backing of the Neighborhood Association, Village of Sodus Point and the Fire Department.


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