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Erie Canal cruise aboard the Otisco
SUBMITTED by Judy Watts, Cornwall, VT (21-Aug-2010)

Letter to Mark De Cracker

Our group of seven friends from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont had a wonderful Erie Canal cruise. Wasn't the weather perfect for it last week? We had admired the murals in Macedon, Newark, Clyde, and Lyons. It was a pleasure to meet the prime mover for the project!

We stopped in Lyons to make a delivery to Peppermint Patti at the Museum, and we loved that visit, but we found much more. The murals kept us walking around town to find the next one. Friendly, helpful people greeted us along the way. We were impressed by the large, orderly group of summer program youngsters happily anticipating a pizza lunch, and the way the Literacy Program staff, seeing an opportunity, invited them to come on over and pick out a book. Your generous Ohmann Theatre manager indulged our interest by giving us a tour and telling us about the programs there. That restoration provides a wonderful asset to your community.

Signs delivered to Peppermint Patty at the Hotchkiss Building in Lyons, by Canal boat

Travelers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont visit G. Winston Dobbins Park in Lyons
Congratulations to all that you've all already accomplished! We send our best wishes for continued success. What you all are doing makes a difference. As visitors, we thoroughly enjoyed our brief visit, but the lasting significance of your efforts will be felt in your community now and for years to come.

Judy Watts
Cornwall VT

PS Fun to wave to you in Newark, too!

Friendly Erie Canal travelers wave as they motor west from Lyons into the Port of Newark


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2 Comments to "Our Visit to Lyons"

  1. Jerry Ashley, Lyons Main Street Program Manager Said,

    The Mayor of Lyons, The Chamber of Commerce, The Lyons Main Street Program and the Heritage Society (Hotchkiss Museum) have all received great letters from the various boaters that have over-nighted here in Lyons. The new services available at the canal waterfront are what is drawing them. However, there are two gentlemen that have made it their job to greet the boaters every morning - Bob Stopper (has there ever been a bigger champion for what Lyons can and will be?) and Jack McCranels talk with the boaters and encourage them to visit our businesses. They hand off discount coupons from the merchants that have made them available and they ask the boaters what we can do as a community to make ourselves more attractive to tourists and boaters alike. This constructive advice is brought to the various entities so we can build on each of our successes.

    The World Canal Conference will be held in Rochester (for the second time - a great honor!) September 19th through the 22nd and one of the scheduled events is the arrival of the WCC Flotilla of boats from several states and countries that will be over-nighting in Lyons. The flotilla is due mid-late afternoon, Friday, September 17th. Come join the organizational and civic leaders of Lyons as we greet them! Don't pass up this opportunity to check out the new waterfront, kiosk and perennial beds (planted by and maintained by volunteers!)

    The LMSP salutes the Village of Lyons and Bob Stopper and Jack McCranels for their continued efforts at the canal!

    Posted on Wed Aug 25, 02:00:00 PM EDT

  2. Anonymous Said,

    If the mayor really wants to help local businesses she and the board could lower taxes, since Lyons is the highest taxed village in the county if not the state. It is nice to make the canal nice for visitors but shouldn't the taxpayers be their first concern?

    Posted on Wed Aug 25, 11:25:00 PM EDT


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