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By John Addyman
HORSEHEADS, NY (Sep 12 10) – Eight local bicycle motocross riders gained enough points to earn state champion plates at the state finals here.
Mackenzie Wilson of Palmyra, her brother Jake Wilson, Gavin Trumble of Newark, Eric Poole of Newark, Zack Nelson of Marion, Reed and Broden Haltiner of Newark and Lauren Liechti of Newark all gathered enough points or had high-enough finishes in the main events of their classes to qualify as state champions.

Mackenzie Wilson won the state championship on points and finished second in the final on Sunday, in the (age) 16 Girls class. Jake Wilson was first in points and won the main event to put an exclamation point on his weekend in the 12 Boys class.
Lauren Liechti was fifth in the main event but collected enough points in the three heat races to grab his first state championship in 5 and Under Boys. Reed Haltiner raced in all three qualifiers in 5 and Under Boys but did not qualify for the main – still, he had enough points for the state championship plates. Broden Haltiner finished in second place for the state championship in 7 Boys.
Zack Nelson was first in the main event in 9 Boys and was fourth overall in the state championships. Eric Poole came in second in the main event for 11 Boys, but collected enough points for the title. Gavin Trumble was third in the main and second in the championship points in 11 Boys.
Tyler Poole of Newark finished second in the main but did not accumulate enough points to qualify for championship status in 13 Boys. Zachary Mott, Newark, also finished well in the main event – second place – but did not earn enough points to get a championship.
In 10 Girls, Taylor Williamson of Wolcott was first in the main event but did not qualify for state champion. Her sister Keersten did the same thing – in 14 Girls. James Scott of Newark was third in the main but did not qualify for the championship in 17 Boys.


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