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Seneca Indian, Al Parker & Artist, James Zeger

"The community has come together to honor our past.", declares Mural Mania initiator, Mark DeCracker.

The Neighborhood Association of Sodus Point Mural Committee hosted their first mural dedication yesterday at the Sodus Point Fire Department.  Native American Fishing is the historical mural that will greet residents and visitors as they enter into the community.  Its vibrant blue-green water  and sand colored bluffs are beautifully displayed along the west wall of the fire hall along side a summarized story of the rich history behind the artwork.
Native American Fishing is a captivating scene of natives spear fishing the abundant shores near Chimney Bluffs.  Though the details are simplistic, its history runs rich alongside the multi-faceted symbolisms through-out the painting.

The canoes tell a tale of how the Indian tribes traded amongst each other.  The northern tribes had a more lightweight canoe made of birch bark which can be seen in the foreground for the southern tribe's heavier Elm bark canoes seen in the background.  The emblems on the canoes also tell a tale of their own.  And the respected bald eagle flying overhead majestically and proud offers its own reminder of its strength and importance.

To share in the importance of the depicted scene in Assodorus or as we know it today, Sodus, Al Parker, a Native American Indian from the Seneca Tribe made an appearance to provide a blessing over the mural along with an in depth story of the history of the natives.  Being a descendant of many historical figures, it was only appropriate to have him present at this celebration.  You can read more on Al Parker in his story that ran in the NY Times today, just follow the link... http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/19/wilson-indian-post-for-sunday/

This artistic piece was created by local artist, James Zeger.  Mr. Zeger has also contributed his talent on other community murals on display at Capt. Jacks Goodtime Tavern further down into Sodus Point and has been a major contributor to the Mural Mania project in Lyons.

Native American Fishing is the first mural in the planned series.  A second mural, Battle of Sodus Point, is currently underway with a spring dedication.


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