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SUBMITTED by Mary E. Mastracy, Wayne County Tourism (30-Aug-2010)

Wayne County is Part of NYS Seaway Trail Geocache Trail

Now you can experience the Great Lakes Seaway Trail in a whole new way - Discover Geocaching on the Seaway Trail!

GeoTrail Coins

Approximately 75 caches are located along this National Scenic Byway. Find 10 caches in any one region and you can earn a collectable Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail Coin. There are 5 regions which mean there are 5 different coins to collect!

Wayne County falls under the “Rochester/Central Lake Ontario Region” and you can pick up your official logbook at Wayne County Tourism, 9 Pearl Street in Lyons or Visit Rochester Office, 45 East Avenue, Rochester.

Go to the Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail page on www.geocaching.com to obtain the coordinates for the caches. Pay attention to the descriptions for each cache as they indicate in which region the cache is found and the punch number for that cache.

Each time you find a cache; there will be a uniquely shaped punch in the cache. Punch the corresponding number in your GeoTrail Logbook. Be sure to punch the correct number AND the correct page for the region in which the cache is located. Leave the punch in the cache so others can use it (it is not a trade item)!

Once you have found 10 Great Lakes Seaway Trail GeoTrail caches in a region (and have the punches to prove it in your Logbook), bring your Logbook to one of the participating locations where they will validate your Logbook and give you the coin for that region. Please note that each location only has the coins for their region available - the exception being the Great Lakes Seaway Trail Discovery Center which has all 5 coins available. Limit 1 coin per region per person.

Refer to the Seaway Trail website for the other regions and locations.


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