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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (23-Aug-2010)

Conversation with the Mayor

A number of years ago we stopped sending postcards to family and friends. Two discoveries prompted this decision: the discovery that post cards from tropical isles arrived six weeks after our return, if at all, and that the cost of post cards in Canada was astronomical before the addition of a tax. They actually add tax to the cost of stamps which are, in reality, a tax themselves. So, anyway, the Dalys don’t send postcards, so please do not be offended if you expected to receive one from our recent vacation and did not. That is until this year – and then they were digital. The ability to do this was a delightful surprise. Here is it how it happened.

Last November, Mr. Daly and I celebrated out 50th wedding anniversary and as our gift to each other planned a really major trip. He favored a cruise to Alaska; I, the cross Canada train trip that seems to be on everybody’s bucket list. Figuring that this was a once-in-a-lifetime event and having planned for something of this nature, we decided to do both. Since nobody does this in November, we looked at the calendar for this summer to see how we could do this between village board meetings. (Yes, that’s when we travel.) The last cruise ship goes in late September and as it was, in August, I packed wool sox, a hat and gloves – and used them.

So, we booked the trip and knowing full well, that life would continue in the village and that despite the fact that I have full confidence in Deputy Mayor Ken Bradstreet and our hardworking trustees and office staff, I knew I needed to keep in touch – for my own well being. Control freak? Maybe. That meant an upgrade in my very, very basic cell phone. Thanks to the patience and expertise of our Hope and Matt at Just Solutions on East Main Street, I developed a basic mastery of a Blackberry for emails and phone calls. It kept me in the loop. What I didn’t consider was the ability to take and email photos. That was a very happy surprise and so our kids and grandkids received ‘digital postcards’ of the magnificent scenery we saw throughout the trip.

The trip was great. The scenery was beautiful; the people we met en route, delightful, but it is good to be home. The Rockies and glaciers; mountain lakes and Canadian prairies are awe inspiring, but this is the way it is supposed to look. Everything else is interesting, but New York State is home.


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