two thousand twenty
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Wiants Entertain Library Luncheon

Leighton and Dorothy Wiant call themselves Marion farmers, but told their story last week at the first annual Newark Public Library “Friends” luncheon.

Their story began about 50 years ago when they were chosen to serve as Methodist missionaries. They arrived in Borneo in 1955 and spent 17 years living among the natives, teaching modern farming methods, and raising three children along the way.

Dorothy Wiant told how she cautioned the children to be careful when playing outside as “Cora the cobra” could lurking nearby.

The days of savage tribesmen and headhunting are history.

From cities to jungle heartland, the people of modern day Sabah, comprising of 32 different ethnic tribes, ranging from Sea gypsies in the east coast and isolated inland up river communities.

Even now the wilderness has largely remained till this day, with over 50 percent of the land still swathed in tropical rain forests estimated over 125 million years old, and teeming with endless diversity of unique plants and animals.

Watch for news of next month’s book review that will feature Jean Seymour, a favorite among loyal book review fans.

PHOTO- Leighton B. and Dorothy Wiant of Marion pose with artifacts gathered from their years a missionaries in Borneo.


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