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SUBMITTED by Judy Zanin, Palmyra Preservation Commission (25-Oct-2010)

The “Library House,” as the sign states, standing on 127 Cuyler Street, Palmyra, is the monthly spotlight selection by the Village of Palmyra Preservation Commission. The impressive Italianate style house was built approximately 1850 by Carlton H. Rogers, who was the son of a Palmyra pioneer and operated a dry goods store. Originally the house was surrounded by spacious grounds that were ornamented with rare plants and stately elms, some of which exist today. The property was considered to be one of the area’s finest residences of its time.

The "Library House" in Palmyra, New York

The Palmyra Kings Daughters was organized in 1887 and created a reading room in 1899. By 1904 they chartered the Palmyra Kings Daughters Free Library and it occupied multiple spaces in the village until settling on its current location at 127 Cuyler Street 1946. The Library had its most recent transition and became the Palmyra Community Library in 2009.

The library added a sun room in 1985 without making many deterring adjustments to the original structure. The architecture of Palmyra Community Library is noted for its cast-iron decorative work on the porch, the etched and stained-glass windows on the front doors, and the extra large cupola on the roof top, which provides light to the ballroom located in the building’s attic. The landscaping is extraordinary and has been well-maintained. On the grounds are still some of the original plantings: a cucumber magnolia, a large ginkgo tree, and the signature weeping beech which encompasses most of the Northeast section of the property and is the favorite climbing tree of local children. Thank you Palmyra Community Library staff and friends for maintaining this gorgeous home and grounds for over sixty years.


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