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Valerie VanStean
Hairstylist (Park View Salon & Tanning)

Valerie VanStean, is the hairstylist expert at Park View Salon & Tanning on William Street.  The new salon opened last September 9, 2009 when the Centre Block had been purchased and a few new merchants occupied the then-empty storefronts.

Valerie, a resident of Lyons since high school, still resides in the village with her husband, Terry and her two dogs (Ragamuffin & Lancelot) and two birds (Tequila & Sinbad).

We asked a couple of questions about Valerie's favorite things and this is what she said...

What is your favorite store in Lyons?

 I LOVE the hardware store....The Old Lyons Hardware!  I get my candy fix there and everything I need for the salon.  All of my paper products and even my decorations.

What community activities are you involved with?

I am the Chairman of Peppermint Winter Wonderland for the Lighting of the Park and I have just retired for 13 years of being a Cheer-leading Coach.  I am now scaling back so that I can spend more time with the grandchildren.

The salon is open for business Monday through Friday and on Saturdays during heavy tanning season.  To make an appointment, please call 946-5343.  Park View Salon & Tanning is owned by Brian Manktelow.

* A partner project with the Lyons Chamber of Commerce


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