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   LYONS (NOV 4 10) -- The Village of Lyons has completed more than $550,000 in Green improvements at the Village wastewater treatment plant located on Clyde Road  utilizing 2009 Federal Stimulus funds administered through Environmental Facilities Corporation Green Innovative Grant Program.  The up grades will save taxpayers thousands of dollars each year while improving wastewater collection and treatment.  The plant’s energy and water conservation improvements, along with renewable energy production are part of a long-term community sustainability plan developed by the Village.

   Village Officials will unveil the green improvements at a plant ribbon cutting ceremony and tour on Saturday, Nov. 20, from 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Clyde Road, Lyons.
   SOLAR ENERGY  -- The plant features a 40kw solar system (photovoltaic) array producing as much as 80,000 kWh each year.  The solar energy will reduce the WWTP electrical demand by over 15% and save approximately $7,300/year.
   GREEN ROOF – 1,000 square feet will reduce stormwater runoff, demand for heating and cooling and extend the life of  the roof membrane.
   RAINWATER HARVESTING AND REUSE – Approximately 30,000 gallons of water will fall on the roof surfaces at the WWTP each year.  Rainwater will  be collected and transported to a 2500-gallon tank and recycled for non-potable uses, such as irrigation and equipment cleaning.
   EFFICIENT LIGHTING – Replace existing light bulbs with LED fixtures reducing energy consumption by up to 60%.  Energy sensors installed in all interior rooms of the Main Control Building will ensure lights are on only while areas are occupied.  Daylight sensors on exterior lights ensure lights turn on at dusk and shut down at dawn.
   Announcing the completed project, Village Mayor Corrine Kleisle stated, “The Village is committed to a comprehensive program of energy conservation and efficiency.  Additionally, investment in conservation and renewable energy contributes to America’s path to energy independence and the creation of new green collar jobs.”
   Ram Shrivastava, President of Larsen Engineers which assisted in securing the grant and managed design and construction, noted, “We believe the treatment plant can achieve net zero energy.  In an era of tight municipal budgets Larsen believes Green is Gold.”
  For more information contact:  Corrine Kleisle at 315-946-4531  extension 11.


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