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By Jim Hoffman
Chairman, Wayne County Board of Supervisors

   LYONS (DEC 9 10) -- On Tuesday, December 7, a public hearing was conducted regarding the proposed 2011 County budget. The proposed County tax rate for 2011 is  $7.65 per thousand, down from $7.82 per thousand in 2010.  A tax rate of $7.65 per thousand is the same as the tax rate in 1998.  The tax levy, or the total taxes collected to support the 2011 budget, is $35,043,598,  which is $5,486 less than the tax levy for 2010 budget. The budget was unanimously adopted by the Board of Supervisors at the hearing.

   There is a lot of good news lately about Newark-Wayne Community Hospital (NWCH).  In October the hospital was re-accredited meeting over 500 standards, earning its best evaluation ever with four examples of “best practices” to be shared with other hospitals nationwide. At a recent international conference NWCH was recognized with two Excellence Awards for significant improvement in physician and employee satisfaction.  The medical staff has increased by more than 50% in two and one half years. There will be a ground-breaking ceremony next spring for a new Emergency Department.

   Of particular good news are the plans for an urgent care center to open next summer on a trial basis at the Myers Hospital Campus.  An application for certificate of need will be submitted this month to the Department of Health. The urgent care service will be connected to the Emergency Department at NWCH and will have capabilities to connect through telemedicine with Rochester General Hospital.

   The last County board meeting for 2010 will be on Tuesday, December 21st at 9:00 a.m.  At that meeting Ron Valentine will be recognized for completing over 40 years with Wayne County as the Public Defender. As my guest that day for lunch will be former chairs of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors – Don Colvin, George Arney and Marv Decker.  

   The 2010 Wayne County Board of Supervisors, along with the other elected officials, has served the public well.  I would hope that the public appreciates the job each and every one has done to make Wayne County a better place.  Wayne County employees are on the front lines and provide essential services every day. They deserve your appreciation for a job well done.

   I hope you all have the best holiday season possible.


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12 Comments to "Chairman’s Column for December 2010"

  1. Sarah Taft Said,

    good job Supervisors on lowering our tax rate. Every little bit helps. Now if we can just do something about that other money pit we own(nursing home) we would really see some savings.

    How wonderful it will be to have Myers open again although I believe it should have never been shut down. Imagine that one of my arguments for keeping it open actually turned out right, we are TOO big of a County to have only 1 hospital.

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 03:59:00 PM EST

  2. Anonymous Said,

    I love all the politicians like Hoffman and Newark Mayor Blandino jumping on the hospital bandwagon. The hospital is doing well because of top notch professional management starting with RGH down including the very talented Annette Leahy.
    Comment on the Myers situation- If Myers had not been closed, it would have taken Newark down. This is simple math. Is Wayne County too big to just have one hospital? Not with Clifton Springs so near.

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 06:00:00 PM EST

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Myers may never do well!!! Do to the fact 50% of its area of business is the lake. This opening is a experiment and it is not a regular ED but a fast track going to be open for the summer.

    Newark hospital has become the best hospital in the area. The staff is pushed to give very good care. Being connect to Rochester General gives the hospital so many advantages. With a new ED coming and the change in culture. Newark has positioned itself as Wayne counties only hospital but, a great one. Also one of the best places to work in the county.

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 06:52:00 PM EST

  4. Anonymous Said,

    So let me get this straight. For fewer services (reclycling, county home health aides) we pay the same taxes, actually more since my assessment went of 10% and the board wants us to say thanks. Not this tax payer at least. Why not cut some of the high priced positions created in the last five years for a start. Thanks

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 08:44:00 PM EST

  5. Sarah Taft Said,

    Myers should have been the one to stay open just because of the location. more centrally located. Clifton Springs is FAR from Sodus, Rochester is actually closer then CS. I've used Newark exactly once and will never use it again I don't care what they are doing with it.
    It was idiotic to close Myers, right before it was closed it was upgraded more than Newark. They had just redone the Maternity ward the ED was already upgraded.

    Myers biggest business ACCIDENTS on 104 not the LAKE. Oy anonymous you might want to do some reasearch I was one that fought for Myers and half of what you are saying is just misinformed. Viahealth made many boneheaded moves like closing a hospital Genesee after spending tons of money to upgrade and Myers after WE spent the money to upgrade it. They were cash strapped. Most of Myers was brand new when it closed Newark wasn't.
    I suggest you talk to the hundreds of people that fought for Myers who will not support Newark. Personally they couldn't give me free care after the horrible care I got at Newark I'll take my business to a Rochester hospital.

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 08:48:00 PM EST

  6. Sarah Taft Said,

    You can thank NY for your assessment going up. Here in NY TIME is what makes our properties go up that's why assessments are done every year.

    Oh and recycling I am not being charged ANYTHING for my pickup so I am saving the 30 bucks or so since they will pick it up with my garbage.

    CCHA MONEY LOSER it would have cost us MORE in taxes to keep it. They were losing clients to the private owned companies. Uh anyone that knows ANYTHING knows that the more services they provide the more it costs US. NYS retirement costs went up 30% this year guess who pays for that?

    Monroe County provides water, garbage pick up and recycling and they have the HIGHEST taxes in NY because of it. SO either you pay in taxes or out of pocket. I'd rather pay out of pocket so my mortgage doesn't go up when taxes do.

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 09:01:00 PM EST

  7. Anonymous Said,

    Sarah- It is your selfish attitude that sours people from seeing what a great place Wayne County is. "If I can't have MY hospital I will go to Rochester" Blah Blah Blah

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 10:28:00 PM EST

  8. Sarah Taft Said,

    Oy yes because I won't use our hospital deters a lot of people. Last time I checked this America I can use and go where ever I want. That's the beauty of living in AMERICA. Besides I have lived in Wayne County for 20+ years THAT says more of how I feel about where I live.

    Posted on Thu Dec 09, 11:03:00 PM EST

  9. Anonymous Said,

    Sarah, all things change and Newark hospital has truly changed and is something to be proud of in wayne county.
    If you go to rochester, RGH is the same system as Newark and run the same!!!!

    Trust me if Myers made money it would be still open!Remember you live in America were it all comes down to money not humanity. Car accidents on 104 is a convience for victims not a money maker if you understood reimbusement.

    Posted on Sun Dec 12, 12:29:00 PM EST

  10. Sarah Taft Said,

    I love how people assume which you use. Actually my doctors are associated with strong memorial. THAT is the hospital I use.

    I do understand reimbursment, also it is life and death not conveinence as you state.

    You want to use Newark and be proud of it go ahead but like I said I'll stick with my hosptial. The only reason Newark is making money is because it's the only one out here. Myers would have been making the same money if IT were the only hospital also.

    Posted on Sun Dec 12, 02:58:00 PM EST

  11. Anonymous Said,

    Come on Sarah- Don't continue to make a fool of yourself.

    Posted on Sun Dec 12, 03:07:00 PM EST

  12. Anonymous Said,

    Sarah yes you have right to use any hospital you choose to, don't think anyone will argue. My question is why be so critical on Newark. I for one Like Newark so please don't be so negative toward them and I won't be negative on any hospital you care to go to. By the way the locals have final say as far as assessments not the state they just make based on formula so that locals have a base figure to start from.

    Posted on Sun Dec 12, 03:35:00 PM EST


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