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SUBMITTED by Stacey Greene Wicksall, Newark Public Library (8-Dec-2010)

Give Your Community A Quarter of a Million Dollar Holiday Gift!

Newark, Clifton Springs and Naples are shooting for a 250k Pepsi Refresh grant. The premise of the grant is: "to grow a library program that will motivate kids to create knowledge." If the idea receives enough votes to place in either first or second place, all three libraries will receive the grant. This unique funding opportunity would give the three libraries funding to have the technology and staff necessary to run programming that would motivate youths to use technological tools in combination with traditional resources to create original, youth-crafted, knowledge expressions in a variety of digital media. The libraries would serve as examples of how rural libraries can educate and serve youth communities through the use of technology tools. Furthermore, such programming would position libraries as spaces that now go beyond information access and into the dimension of knowledge creation.

Voting began December 1st and will continue through December 31st. Supporters are asked to vote each day of December and to spread the word to friends and family across the United States. Anyone, even children, within the United States that has computer access and an e-mail address can vote. Also, those with text messaging cell phones can vote by texting. It takes many, many votes to make it to the first or second spot; however, if supporters remember to vote and spread the word via word of mouth and social networking sites (such as Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, etc.) winning this grant could definitely become a reality.

To vote and read more details about the grant proposal, please visit the following URL:


To vote via text message:
TEXT* 104901 to Pepsi 73774


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