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SUBMITTED by Perry Howland, Trail Works, Inc. (8-Jan-2011)

On Tuesday, January 25, Gene Bavis, Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Trail Conference, will unveil this fabulous trail system that crosses upstate New York from the Pennsylvania border in Allegany State Park all the way to the Catskills. Nearly 300 people have hiked the entire length of the system, thereby earning the coveted title of “End-to-End” hiker. Speaking at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of the Williamson Free Public Library, this retired Wayne Central teacher will provide the “what, where and how do I find it”. With connecting trails added in, the Finger Lakes Trail system offers over 900 miles of hiking pleasure. Also this year, in cooperation with Wegmans, there is a Passport to Discover the FLT from Letchworth to Rt. 81 featuring 12 area hikes. Gene will have passports available as part of his talk.


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