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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (3-Jan-2011)

Effective as of January 1,2011, the Village of Palmyra and the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority have partnered to establish an operations agreement whereby the Authority will operate and maintain the Village Water and Wastewater facilities on a contractual basis. The Village will continue to own both treatment plants and all related facilities and the Authority will assume operational responsibilities as formerly contracted out to Severn Trent Environmental Services. This partnership was established in the spirit of Regional co-operation and presents an opportunity for the Village to significantly reduce operating costs as part of a continuing effort to stabilize water and sewer rates in a period where other costs related to new regulatory requirements, employee benefits and system infrastructure repairs and replacements continue to escalate. The term of this initial contract is for two years, which will enable both parties to evaluate the merits and cost effectiveness of continuing this program.

We are pleased to share that both Brian Bieda and Jeff Williams will remain as system operators under this new arrangement, as both employees have now been hired by the WCWSA with the understanding that they will be assigned to work in the Village of Palmyra. It is also important to note that all other aspects of the Village water supply and sewer system operations will remain unchanged as both the Village and WCWSA are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible.

Should you experience any problems with your water or sewer service, the emergency contact numbers remain unchanged and are listed Water Plant--- 315-597-5050; Sewer Plant---315-597-4807.


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