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James Zeger, Artist, capturing the true essence of the
Battle of Sodus Point
Submitted by:  Bruce Farrington

Work is well underway for the second outside historic mural in Sodus Point honoring those brave Americans that fought the British.

This scene depicts the Battle of Troupesville, now called Sodus Point, that occurred on the crest of a hill (now the intersection of John and Bay Streets) on the evening of June 19th,1813 during the War of 1812. A group of approximately 50 patriots (a combination of poorly trained militia and local volunteers with no military training) fired into the lines of advancing British marines as they ascended the hill from the western shoreline. Although greatly outnumbered and fighting some of the best trained and battle hardened soldiers in the world, these brave Americans had the courage of their convictions to defend our village from the British incursion. Unaware of either’s fighting strength and numbers, both British and American forces retreated; Britons to their ships and Americans to the heavy underbrush. The next day after a barrage from the cannons on their ships, the enemy landed once more. The British marines seized some stores in the warehouses (most provisions had been hidden in a nearby ravine the previous night) and burned most buildings in the village. Only one building, a tavern known as the “Mansion House”, survived the battle. This building was spared conflagration due the repeated efforts of commanding British naval officers who used the tavern to place fatally wounded American, Asher Warner. He died later that day. Another American wounded during the battle was Charles Terry who died from complications of his wounds a few weeks later. This mural is dedicated to the bravery of those early patriots who defended this village and, it is hoped, whose courage may serve to inspire future generations.

This mural will join the “Native American Fishing” mural on the Eeast side of the Sodus Point Fire Hall. James Zeger of Sodus who did the first mural is also the artist for this mural. The dedication of the second mural is tentatively set for Saturday,June 18th. During the dedication, we will be honoring the memory of those who fought and died in the battle. We are encouraging the descendants of those who fought in the battle to attend the dedication ceremony and contact Bruce Farrington at brucefarrington@hotmail.com. The public is also cordially invited to attend the dedication.

These murals are being made possible by numerous local contributors and was spearheaded by the Sodus Point Neighborhood Association which provided the initial seed money. A plaque listing those individuals or businesses who contributing $100 or more will also be unveiled and mounted along with the murals.

Information provided by Bruce Farrington, Neighborhood Association Trustee


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2 Comments to "Battle of Sodus Point Mural In Progress"

  1. Videomark Said,

    Another master piece in the making from artist James Zeger.

    Posted on Tue Jan 04, 10:20:00 AM EST

  2. Seth C. Burgess Said,

    This will be a great addition to the first mural of the Historic Sodus Point series - Native American Fishing.

    Posted on Tue Jan 04, 11:07:00 AM EST


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