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SUBMITTED by Larry Ann Evans, Geneva Theatre Guild (17-Feb-2011)

The Geneva Theatre Guild is looking for a director and creative team for it’s summer youth program. In keeping with their theme for 2011, the celebration of the 25th anniversary of GTG’s Youth Theatre program, the Guild will be producing a review of the last 25 years of Youth Theatre. Entitled “Youth!” they are looking for a person who would like to work closely with the Youth Theatre Committee and Coordinator to script and direct the review.

The Geneva Theatre Guild’s Youth Theatre program runs from 1pm - 5pm Monday thru Friday, July thru the first week in August and will perform “Youth!” August 11-14 at the Smith Opera House.

Interested persons can contact Interim Youth Theatre Coord. Larry Ann Evans at yt@gtglive.org or call 315-946-6686.


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