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SUBMITTED by Suzanne Tulloch (15-Feb-2011)

The St. Michael CYO basketball teams have just finished their league season. Girls grades 4-6, Boys grades 4-6 and boys grades 7 & 8 were represented. The 7th and 8th grade boys were undefeated in their league. All of the teamss are awaiting the end of the season tournaments with the 7-8 boys going to the Diocesan tournament in March where they will complete in the first place bracket against teams throughout the Diocese of Rochester.

St. Michael teams learn the true meaning of being a scholar athlete. They learn the high value of hard work and competitiveness while still maintaining the academic integrity that St. Michael School is known for. Academic eligibility can be reviewed on the school's website at http://schools.dor.org/stmichaelnew.

Congratulations to all of our teams!


Boys 7th & 8th grade team members: Conor Tickner grade 8, Eric Kuan grade 8, McKenna Middlebrook grade 8, Ryan Kreuser grade 8, Nathanael Lalone, grade 7, Jacob Carrier grade 7, Samuel Wersinger grade 8, Ian Tulloch grade 8, Joe Ruffalo grade 8, Keith Bremer grade 8, Derek Michaels grade 8.

Coaches: Tom Bremer and John Tickner
Boys 5th & 6th grade team members: Michael Hutteman grade 6, Dylan Ide grade 6, Fred Baker grade 6, John Duffy grade 6, Nickolas Kehoe grade 6, Greg Bremer grade 5, Tanner Witt grade 5, Jeremy Zeger grade 5, Aidan McKechney grade 5, Matthias Cheney grade 5.

Coach: Tom Bremer
Girls team members: Bailey Kehoe grade 4, Brenda Shmidt grade 6, Katherine Paddock grade 4, Elizabeth Hollebrandt grade 6, Kassidy Paddock grade 6, Amanda Hutteman grade 6, Madison Witt grade 6, Emily Johnson grade 6, Anna Lalone grade 5, Olivia Bailey grade 5, Mary Grasso grade 4, Abigail Dapolito grade 5, Madison Chandler grade 5.

Coaches: Chuck Witt, Bob Hutteman and Richard Grasso, Dan Dapolito


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