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Hairspray Finale
Mrs. Turnblad (Johnny Hill), Mr. Turnblad (Tyler McCann) &
Motormouth Maybelle (Jordan Smith)
Photos by Ignacio Calvo

Members of the Lyons Jr.-Sr. High School presented an extraordinary show series this past weekend.

Hairspray, the 60's based musical about high hopes and following your dreams while circumventing political agendas was a shooting star extravaganza.  The students took lead roles that portrayed story-line controversy amongst races, not excluding battles that had to be won amongst themselves.

Corny Collins Dancers:
Sketch (Will Pulver), Brad (Alex Calvo) & Link (George Dobbins)

While Tracy Turnblad (Kaila Kise), a dreamer of being a dancer on the Corny Collins show, found that even though she was white, was struggling against her own peers with being slightly heavy.  But with a strong parental support system and her best friend, Penny Pingleton (Kayla James), she was confident enough to secure a spot on her favorite reality show.

Chance aligned Tracy with fellow negroes whom she befriended while serving detention.  By joining forces with her newfound friends, including the help of her new love, Link Larkin (George Dobbins) Tracy defies all odds to steal the crown from the beautiful blonde Amber Von Tussell (Mikayla Bastian) and officially integrate the Corny Collins Show.

Link Larkin & Tracy Turnblad
(George Dobbins & Kaila Kise)
Hairspray, directed by Irene Cheney and conducted by Camille Clark, was the perfect production for the 88 students who created the cast, crew and pitband.  The production was full of lyrical lines and rhyming snickers that expressed not only the talent of this young group, but also showed how fearless they were in displaying their best work for their sold out performances.

Congratulations to all for a job well done!

Pictures of the performance can be seen on our Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/waynecountylife


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1 Comment to "Hairspray Clutches Audience for Five Shows"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I should have postedthis before but I must do it now. Hairspray was probable the best High school musical I have ever seen and I have seen a lot during the raising of my own 5 children and caring for many more. The cast seemed to work together like they were the same person in different bodies. Perfectly! Everything was great, the singing, the acting the costumes, stage. Just wonderful. Jane Mott, Lyons

    Posted on Sun Apr 17, 06:23:00 PM EDT


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