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clove hitch and bowline (left) and sailor's 'lucky knot' (right)
SUBMITTED by Susan Gateley (17-Mar-2011)

On April 2 the Rose Community Center will host workshops and classes in art, crafts and literature between 1 and 4 pm. Each class will last an hour and 20 minutes and will be offered twice. No fee will be charged.

Will Boydell will lead a drawing class for all ages--yes, you can draw, and create a pleasing image with pencil and paper. No batteries required! The instructor will supply art pencils, an eraser and paper-- if you have a favorite sketch pad, bring it along.

Doug Peeso will introduce the art and utility of knots. The world of decorative and useful knots is widely varied and ancient. Jewelers, truck drivers, cowboys, sailors, rock climbers, and surgeons use knots. Learn a few handy ones for yourself. The instructor will provide materials.

Susan Peterson Gateley will lead a class in writing and publishing your story- novel, memoir, or family history- learn how to put it together and get it into print. Bring a pen or a pencil and engage in some experimentation and creative writing to help get your story started.

Janet Cawley, one of the volunteer planners of this event, explains that the idea for "communiversity" grew out of the very successful concert series at the Rose Union Community Building. The idea is to have skill-sharing between neighbors:community educating community. We invite all our neighbors to attend and exercise their curiosity and creativity.

Find the Rose Union Community Building on School Street, two blocks east of Route 414 in Rose. and park behind the building. Follow the signs to the classrooms.


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