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SUBMITTED by Vicky Daly, Village of Palmyra (6-Apr-2011)

Mayor Vicky Daly, Palmyra
Conversation with the Mayor

Spring? I hope so. Certainly everyone is ready for it after one of the strangest and, consequently, longest winters in memory. It’s time to pack up the corduroys and heavy sweaters and retrieve the lighter garb. It is not quite time for shorts and sandals yet, but soon. The snowbirds are returning and many fortunate people are packing up to travel south for spring break. Those lucky people will find spring there and then enjoy it again when they get home.

Spring weather changes not only clothes but behavior. There is an urge to wash the windows, bring out the porch furniture and to plan for warmer days. It brings on a flurry of activity, much of it yard work. The village crew will be picking up brush and yard waste 1st and 3rd Mondays starting in May. If you are already starting your yard work , rather than wait for the official pick up to begin, take advantage of the dumping spot at the Town Barns on Kent Street. You can drive right in and unload. Take the first right after the bridge on 21North. The road makes a loop to the right between the huge piles of concrete waiting to be crushed. The piles of leaves and the like already there mark the spot. It’s easy. We have been doing it for years.

Planning Committees for summer events are well under way but they would welcome new and enthusiastic volunteers to help and plan and man the events on the days of . Bird Fest, Take Flight Over Palmyra, Pirates Weekend and the like are all free events for the pleasure of Palmyra residents and in support of local businesses. Those events cannot happen without the volunteers. If you have an interest in keeping them going, and adding new ones, call the Village Hall, 597-4849, for contact information and scheduled meeting dates. There is an immediate need for a projectionist for movies in the park and at Pirates. The individual would need his/her own equipment and screen. Again, call 597-4849, or mail resume to the Village Hall at 144 East Main Street, Palmyra 14522. The information can be sent also to vpalmyra@yahoo.com This is a paying situation, although a volunteer would be great.

Camping is a favorite pastime for many Palmyra residents and an action taken by the Village Board at its last meeting should be noted. At the suggestion of the NYS DEC the dumping station at the Palmyra Waste Water Plant is being closed to protect the local system. Marty Aman, Wayne County Water and Sewer, did some research and discovered that there are only three dumping stations, other than campgrounds, available in the area. They are in the City of Geneva; the village of Webster, where a permit from the Village Office is necessary fir a $5 fee, and the Van Laere Water Plant. It is too bad, but it is a necessary safety move.


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