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By Jim Hoffman
Chairman, Wayne County Board of Supervisors

    On March 25th the Board of Supervisors released an RFP (request for proposals) soliciting proposals for an energy services audit of several county buildings. Responses to the RFP will be from energy service companies or “ESCOs” as they are commonly known.  An energy service audit will provide recommendations for energy cost savings for heating, cooling, lighting and windows. The long-term goal is to design and coordinate upgrades and improvements for county facilities that guarantee savings over several years.  This project is anticipated to be funded with grant monies, reimbursement funds and long term utility costs savings. Town and Villages will be given the opportunity to “piggy back” on this program.

    On March 29th and March 30th I accompanied members of the Wayne County Farm Bureau as well as representatives from Erie County and Wyoming County Farm Bureaus to meet with our Congressional Representatives and U.S. Senators in Washington, D. C. A variety of issues were discussed including the need for a stable workforce for agriculture, new Environmental Protection Agency regulations regarding greenhouse gases and the possible adoption of another process for pesticide permitting that is duplicative of the permit process now in effect.
    On March 31st at 10:00 a.m., a special Board meeting was held to update the Wayne County Economic Development Strategic Plan that was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in November 2006. At least one more meeting will be needed before a revised plan is presented to the Board for adoption.
    On March 31st, at 7:00 p.m. Supervisors Kim Park (Wolcott), Steve Leroy (Sodus) and I attended an educational seminar, "Introduction to New York CAFO Regulations for Neighbors and the Community," at the Rose Community Center. CAFOs are Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations such as dairy farms, which may require a permit issued by the Department of Environmental Conservation. The event was jointly sponsored by KM Davies and the Wayne County Farm Bureau. The featured speaker was, Dr. Karl J. Cyzmmek, of Cornell University. The program was informative and the event was well attended.     
    In December, the U. S. Census Bureau released preliminary data which at the time showed Wayne County had lost 2,474 residents. Last month the U.S. Census Bureau released the official 2010 Census data which shows that the Wayne County population actually increased slightly from 93,765 in 2000 to 93,772 in 2010. Wayne County is not suffering from a major exodus of its population as was previously reported. Final numbers show a stable population with growth rates trending higher in the western towns.
    At the March Board of Supervisors meeting a Resolution entitled “NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING to Impose a Mortgage Recording Tax” was adopted setting a date for a Public Hearing for the April 19th Board meeting at 9:10 a.m. The subject of this hearing is not a new tax nor is it an increase in the present mortgage tax rate, but to continue the present mortgage recording tax of 25 cents for each $100 that has been in effect for many years.
    Representatives from the Sodus Bay Business Association are scheduled to speak at the April 19th Board of Supervisors meeting regarding the blue-green algae that appeared in Sodus Bay and Lake Ontario last summer. The Association would like to raise awareness regarding the impact of this issue and the importance of remedial actions to control weed growth in Sodus Bay. 


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