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SUBMITTED by Perry Howland, Trail Works, Inc. (18-May-2011)

Get Out and Celebrate National Trails Day - Grab Your Wayne County Passport, Friends and Family and Hit the Trails

Passport to Wayne Co. Trails
Local outdoor enthusiasts can get a natural high by joining with the rest of America on National Trails Day coming up on Saturday, June 4. This year’s theme, “Made With All Natural Ingredients,” will allow people of all ages and abilities desiring established trails to pick any of the 16 trails listed in the Wayne County Trails Passport and experience, appreciate and celebrate the natural places where we can find a spread of scenery, a plateful of peace, and a heap of happiness and health.

Passports showing the locations and descriptions of the trails are available in most public libraries, town halls or post offices in Wayne County. For those with access to the Internet, print out your Wayne County Trails Passport on our website at: www.trailworks.org/pages/projects.htm. The trails vary in location, length and there is no right or wrong trail so you can pick and choose based on your interest and availability of time. So grab a neighbor, friend, co-worker, or family member, and get out and enjoy nature’s bounty.

Trail Works will be putting together a photo collage on our website, www.trailworks.org, so send us your favorite photos of your hike at: trailworks@trailworks.org for a chance to win prizes. Please make sure to identify all persons in your photos and verify that photos may be used by Trail Works.


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