two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres Charitable Trust (18-Apr-2011)


The ebb and flow of Easter Tide continually conditioning upon the planet...In the days of early times there were fragrances upon the waters. There were muted sounds upon the woodlands, and there were birds. Their songs of joyous surrender to the dawn brought forth great harmony upon the planet. Daily they encouraged one another with their gladsong tidings, and the development of their species flowered.  The cackleberry served as a nesting place for their fond remembrance - for yearly - as the sun began to rise in the eastern sky, they migrated towards the northern shore knowing full that there would be abundant food. As their wings beat the rhythmic thump-thump of mutual consent, they journeyed northward to a haven place called "The Shelter."  The winds of eternal change - constant in their directive energy, summoned the birds. From all over they came - black and white, yellow speckled with brown, and courageous pink birds who had just "joined the crowd."  Their brilliant plumage attracted many other birds, and the potent energy of their directive song encouraged the laggards who had stopped along the way to smell the vast woodlands of softly-hued violets...and me - I was there.  I was there in the song of the bird. I was there in the muted plumage of the yellow canary as she sang her blessed song to the radiant morning sky, and I was there in the night winds as they softly covered the wooded lands with their potent hunger for transmutal change.

Courage was required for subsistence in those days. Many lacked the courage to "winter" the storms of newly forming energies - for the productivity of diversified elements upon the planet encouraged new forms of growth. The "survival of the fittest" became the natural way of life and the engendering of vastly rewarding forms of geological rocks terminated many species, the collective enjoining quite quickly in the form of sandstorms, earthquakes and massive floods of internal change. This productive energy expanded in many ways for the neutronic elements of personal exchange were in the process of developing a new species. As the waters settled, myriad forms of life came to migration in the form of land-walkers, air-travelers and a gallant projection of tadpoles, frogs and woodland beings. These multi-beings were collections of diversified forces which had transmuted by close association at the time of the great changes upon the earth. The myriad forms of life responded to one another as a united family for they had not yet realized their differences.

In the beginning there was stillness upon the waters, and the collective radiances of the inbred migratory call - the Clarion Call of long-forgotten indentation procreated upon the earth...and me, I was there. My fluctuating energies responded to the collective rhythm of the Universe, and I knew - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that some day, somewhere, I would return to the land of my birth...that I would collectively enter into an agreement with my land and build a Center of Professional Enjoin, and that through the development of my personal center (the myriad brain functions of my organic mind), I would claim fully my own - that of a total being, in harmony with nature, and inclusively expanding as a being of light who had come into expression through the valiant love of my mother and father, accompanied by a twin of eternal grace - and I would become all that I could become in the land of my collective birth...and I am now in the process of rediscovering this vast recollective energy within me.

Sometimes faced by the fears of the "dinosaurs" of my past, I gain strength by knowing that all are now witnessing to this transformation within their lives. As we, presenting as a collective human race begin to relate to our common experience in the growth factioning of our blessed harmony - we shall remember fully the original intent of this Garden of Eden called Earth which was given to us to experience in any way we so desired, and in the remembering know that 'WE ARE ONE IN THE SPIRIT - WE ARE ONE IN THE LORD."

God bless us all at this time of great change upon the planet.  May we radiate to a fabulous new discovery of the total self AS A WHOLE - and may the myriad aspects of self rise to new levels of re-discoveries as we condition upon this Planet of the Enlightened Peoples.

Today we have choice...tomorrow we may not if we continue to discredit growth experiences, encourage hardness of the heart by malnuitrive statements behind another's back, and develop "cliques" which refuse to allow another into the "inner sanctum".

Let us grow in the peaceful understanding of the newly developing theories which are now upon the planet. Let us weigh them as we would any change in our lives against the scales of nature's balancing energies, and reflect upon the total picture as a whole in our hearts...and perhaps - just maybe, we will become the utopian society which visionaries and prolific daydreamers expressed for centuries.

God bless us one and all - each in our own way presenting at this time of great JOY upon the earth.  Jesus claims FULLY His own and the Kingdom shall be "On EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" FOR IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN THAT IT SHALL BE SO.

Love and a most blessed Eastersong from the heart of Serenity Chapel - a place of blessed peace,

Carol Elaine Deys


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1 Comment to "HOMESPUN - Chapter Nine"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Dear Carol Elaine, I'm so happy that it is now "published" as it deserves to be. A beautiful rememberance of all the earth working together for harmony and our benefit. Love, john

    Posted on Mon May 30, 09:27:00 AM EDT


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