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Submitted by:  Jerry Ashley, LMSP

Along with the Great Pearl Street Pumpkin Race and the PumpkinPalooza Casket Race, the Lyons Main Street Program has announced a fun new contest for the 2011 edition of PumpkinPalooza! - "The Bug Bug". 

Volkswagen Bug owners are a fun and creative lot and this contest has been created just for them. 

The idea is simple - convert your favorite generation of rounded people movers into a fun or scary "Bug"! Volkswagen Bug owners are encouraged to attach hairy spider legs, big buggy eyes, wings, fangs, and antennae to their cars and display them along Canal Street in downtown Lyons during PumpkinPalooza, October 22nd (rain date October 29th). 

Judging will be by the festival-goers with a cash prize and bragging rights going to the crowd favorite. All of the entries are invited to drive their "creepy crawlies" through the streets of Lyons in the annual PumpkinPalooza Costume Parade along with the PumpkinPalooza Casket Race entries. 

For further information, please contact the Lyons Main Street Program at 315-871-4220 or via email:lyonsmainstreetprogram@gmail.com 


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