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SUBMITTED by Marjorie Torelli (28-Jun-2011)

Bidding farewell to retiring Administrator Sharon Lilla was the first item of business for the Western Finger Lakes Authority Board at its regular monthly meeting, Monday, June 27. Chair Suzanne Earl (Newark) expressed her appreciation for Lilla’s many years of contributions to the Authority from the time it was first considered in the late 1980s to the present. In return Lilla said that she had been incredibly lucky to enjoy a fulfilling career, that her accomplishments were the work of many, and that her efforts were always on behalf of the taxpayers. Finally she thanked the WFLA Board members for their support and assistance over the many years. The Board passed a resolution appointing Marjorie Torelli as Interim Administrator, effective July 11, 2011.

The Board then discussed several issues and passed resolutions concerning some of them. In routine business the Minutes of the May 23, 2011 meeting were approved. (They are posted on the WFLA website, www.wfingerlakesauthority.org.) The Board also approved the Bills and Statements for May. The final piece of routine business was to approve line item adjustments in the 2011 Budget.

In actions to reflect the present functions of the WFLA and to simplify the accounting process, the Board closed the accounts for the Yates County Intermediate Processing Center and the Wayne County Curbside Collection. Remaining funds from the Curbside Collection account were transferred to the Wayne County Materials Recovery Facility account.

In new business the Authority Board passed a resolution authorizing the Administrator to participate in the State Electronics Challenge. The State Electronics Challenge (SEC) is a voluntary program that encourages public entities of all types to: Purchase greener electronic products; reduce the impacts of electronic products during use; and manage obsolete electronics in an environmentally safe way. As a Partner in the SEC, the Authority has the opportunity to provide leadership in the environmentally sound and cost-effective management of electronic assets. The SEC also provides tools and technical assistance so that Partners become leaders and are able face the new challenges posed by this waste stream. In addition the SEC provides annual recognition to Partners that have achieved their goals.

The next meeting of the Western Finger Lakes Authority Board will be Monday, August 16, 2011, 5:00 p.m. at the Wayne County Courthouse, 26 Church Street, Lyons. The public is always welcome.


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