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SUBMITTED by Pat Gorthy, Lyons Heritage Society (24-Aug-2011)

Work has been ongoing at the H.G.Hotchkiss Essential Oil building since the Lyons Heritage Society obtained the site on July 18, 2011.

Preparing the Hotchkiss Building for Visitors
Richie Santelli, a local contractor, was hired to start plan A, which the Lyons Heritage board approved. Concentrating on the front of the building, Richie power washed the front, repaired and replaced the stucco and bottom boards, replaced two windows, designed and made moldings, fixed a gutter, added an outside water spigot, repainted the lettering, and attached the Hotchkiss mural to the loading dock. This mural is used during tours of the building. These repairs were supported by an anonymous donation to the society.

Work has been going on inside, too. Most of the work has been done by many dedicated Lyons Heritage members. Two rooms have been painted, a gift shop is soon to be in place, the Lyons room has new shelving and bottle displays, and the warehouse has been thoroughly cleaned.

Plan B is the next phase, as soon as funding is available. This is to be a thorough checking and repair or replace, if necessary, the furnace, electric work, and plumbing.

The Hotchkiss Essential Oil building is still open to boaters, if given advanced notice, even with the ongoing work. There will be an open house / dedication for the general public at a later date.


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