two thousand twenty
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New York Central Passenger and Mail Station, Murray Street in Newark. Torn down in early 1970's.

No matter how old we get, memories remain, especially from our childhood. Small town memories in Newark N.Y. often included a trip to the "city" and a shopping excursion to Rochester at Christmas time was on the top of the list.
In the early 1950's there was still a New York Central passenger station in Newark. Located behind what is now Tommy's Bar on Murray Street, a trip to Rochester was quick and what a treat!

Once in Rochester, Sibley's Department Store was the preferred destination., and what a day was ahead!The sounds, the smells and the sights. Every child lived the words of Victor Herbert's magical lyricks in Sibley's Magic Corridor.

"Toyland, Toyland Little girl and boy land When you dwell within it You are ever happy there!"

Sibley's Department Store on Main Street, Rochester was the flagship store for the Sibley chain. Every thing you needed was there. The smell of fresh baked goods, sounds of clerks and departments being paged by the dong- dong of the chimes, trips up and down on the Otis escalator, lunch in the Tower Restaurant and of course, Santa and Toyland.
At the end of the day, if you weren't in the Christmas spirit for the long run, something was wrong. The trip back to Newark was the beginning the the rest of your holiday, and and we left the big city for the warmth and security of our little village, something that we knew would never change, and little did we realize that:
"The best and most beautiful things of this world can't be seen or touched. They must be felt by the heart"..........Helen Keller.

"Childhood Toyland Mystical Merry Toyland.Once you pass its borders You can never return again"

Mrs. Gary Lannon (Mary Zornow) of Clifton Springs was about 6 years old when this visit to Santa took place at Sibley's in Rochester.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL and may your Christmas be wrapped with lots of love and laughter.


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