two thousand twenty
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SUBMITTED by Carol Elaine Deys, Para-Deys Acres Serenity Chapel (22-Dec-2011)

My dreams are the same as others who desire peaceful situations in their personal worlds, the world around them in the form of neighbors and friends, and throughout the world as a whole. Mercy has been shown in so many ways at this changing time upon the earth in so many ways that I have lost count, and yet we now need to pay attention to the welfare of the men and women who are now coming home from the war zone. They have given of their lives so that others might have freedom of choice, and I--for one--am extremely thankful and appreciative for what they have achieved.

Bay Window Christmas Scene
It is Christmas time! The presents--the decorated trees filled with light and colors, and the beauty of the manger scene in our woods stand before me. Last summer my husband gave me a beautiful sun house for the back yard. We totally enjoyed it, and there were times when the solitary positioning of it was a place for rest and blessed relaxation. The sounds of our woods were around us--squirrels chattering away at one another, woodpeckers and their families rat-a-tat-tatting on the trees, and an occasional barking from the dog up the street touched our ears. We watched the blackberries come and go, and listened for the tree frogs as summer came to an end and Fall was upon us. Now we have draped our sun house Chapel in all white lights, and the manger scene rests securely right in the middle of it, topped with a beautiful Star of Bethlehem that we made.

Our family has celebrated many Christmases upon these lands together. All of our parents have passed over, and two of our sons and my brothers, too. When Christmas comes, we feel their presence in so many ways and it is here where the joy of remembering brings hope to our hearts.

Tonight I am remembering some of the promises I have made, and celebrating the fact that I have been able to keep them. In peace I write the positioning of my own heartsong, and wish for each and every one of you the wonder and magic of the Christmas Season--Jesus' birthday shared by millions of people all over the world. He must be so proud! A Merry and Blessed Christmas from our home to yours. 2012 shall appear quickly upon the horizon. Let's make it a great one!


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